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Assault Charges

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What a great thread to return to posting with aye!!
I'm worried about one of my best friends and girlfriend. Someone who was a potential housemate for them has claimed to be taking legal action against them both for assault and battery.

To cut a long story short, on BFs birthday, she was getting with BFs ex boyfriend in front of her, my girlfriend and friend took her outside to ask wtf was going on, this was done nicely, potential housemate claims they dragged her outside (they didn't, I saw). Once outside, what happened (i can't be 100% on this as I wasn't there), is that my girlfriend, friend and HM got kicked out because of nearly getting into a fight.
The next day HM didn't want to collect her stuff, but did so anyway and didn't show any marks, bruises or anything like she is claiming to have. My girlfriend and friend were completely civil to her, said that if she apologised they would forget it all happened etc (this i can back up, I was there and there is evidence in texts), she refused to even do this.

Today we've heard that her dads girlfriend, who is a police officer in another county, has got in contact with the club we were at, received the CCTV and it shows them attacking her. My main question is how much is there to worry about, I can vouch as a witness on certain things but not others, (A bouncer I talked to on the night is able to confirm what happened outside, but they didn't feel the need to take any names down, so it can't be as bad as HM is making out it to be) and when will we hear if my girlfriend and friend are being charged if it comes to it?

Sorry for the long post but its something thats worrying me and I didn't know where else to ask, also, nice to be back posting (I may return to lurking for awhile after this but I will post more again :))


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    Hey there curly_boy,

    It's always a bit tricky to give someone detailed advice, especially about criminal or civil law matters, when we can't see all the evidence and all the facts in front of us. Although you're clearly worried about your best friend and you're obviously trying to help him.
    It might be an idea for your friend to seek legal advice. They could try a local Citizens Advice Bureau - http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/
    I hope this helps.

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