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Ending a long term relationship

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So, I have been in a committed relationship for nearly four years, we never really had any issues and were totally in love. This past year we went to college at different schools; the distance was really not a problem. Second semester he had a heavier class load on top of an internship and hardly ever had time to talk (which was usually a skype call once a day before bed) I waited up every night for the call which would usually be a short talk about his day and the things he had to do and then I would tell him he could go because school was more important. He never once argued that. After spring break we talked even less and instead I started texting a friend I had met at an anime convention. When I finally couldn't handle the lack of communication anymore I told him what had been on my mind and he responded with "I cannot deal with this right now". From that point on I have not felt the same way about him, and now that it is summer I am starting to realize that I will never come first to him. Since I have been back I even denied him sex because I do not feel the same at which point he asked if I had considered getting professional help.
I do not want to lose him but my question is, should I end it and try to just be friends? Or am I just being selfish?
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