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Still have to go into inpatient again

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Saw a new psychiatrist yesterday and she still wants me to go into inpatient,I've been on maintenance and not really lost all that much.I don't want to go inpatient I don't feel I need it,I bet I will be the biggest person so now before I go in I feel I have to lose loads of weight,and I will be in for my birthday I give up.So annoyed and confused and to top it all of my injunction runs out next month


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    Hi Rebecca

    First off, a big welcome to TheSite :yippe: I hope you find us friendly and helpful!

    It sounds like you're feeling quite confused about what's happening with your treatment at the moment. I read in your other thread that you're recovering from anorexia - big hugs, that must be very hard *hug*

    Can you tell us a bit more about what going in to inpatient means? How long will you have to stay in?

    You say that you don't feel you need to do this - why do you think they want you to go? Maybe if you could see their reasons, it might make a bit more sense?

    It might also help to talk things through with your parents or a friend who understands, so you can explain how you're feeling about it. I'm sure your friends and family could talk to the doctors and still make your birthday really special by bringing stuff in.

    Do let us know a bit more about what's going on if you feel able to talk more about it.

    Big hugs
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    Hi Spanner

    Thank you,going inpatient will mean going into the clinic 24/7.I will be put on maintenance and if that fails weight gain.I can't gain anymore.I can't.Im not even too sure why they want me to go,probably because I've lost but they said that was expected.The normal admission lasts a few months I promised myself I wouldn't go back in.I just don't feel I want to be at home with my sister she needs me.

    Thank you for the reply too *hug*
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