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attempt gbh with intent and ossesion of offensive weopens

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any avise appreciate , i had a dislike to this person for a while although a friend of my mates , women beaters and basic arsehole who narrowly escaped assault charge himself npt longback . anyway i have never committed a crime before this and am struggling with heavy deression and drink problems , this person first confronted in pub and wanteded to fight me outside i told him i didnt and backed down , but felt very demoralisedd and played on mind for weeks but just let it go. then my partner said he had sore this person and bought up loads of shit about me and i was going to make her bad and i am a bottless wanker basically . then i lost it again and could not sleep thinkig he was going to attack me . do to my mental state istarted carrying weopens hammer screwdriver to protect myself incase he attacks , but got drunk one day and offered him out pub and a a fight broke out and i had theses weopens . fight got broke up quickly ,weopens vanished dont know how all caught on cctv , got arrested at home and charged,this is totally out of charactor for me but do to my mental state this happened any advice appreciated


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    Hey paul9049, welcome to TheSite,

    It sounds as though you became extremely worried about this person attacking you, you felt threatened and things have spiralled out of control. If it's out of character as you say and you have never committed a crime before then this will be taken into account. However, carrying a weapon is something the police do take very seriously.

    You mention your 'mental state' during this - feeling demoralised and not sleeping. If you feel that you tend to suffer this kind of anxiety regularly then it would be beneficial for you to talk to someone about it, your GP would be a good place to start and this would show that you're keen to look after yourself and prevent this kind of thing from happening again. I wonder as well whether you have people around you that you can trust to confide in about all this?

    Have you had any legal advice at all? Our askTheSite service is free and confidential - you can submit a question and get a reply from an expert within 3 workings days.

    What sort of advice are you looking for at the moment? Is it that you're not sure what will happen next?
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    thanks jo 7

    hello , i bitterly regret my actions although ,i am self employed and got myself in a lot of debt tryong to keep everything going.i am 50 october and cant understand why i done this although as stated before i have been heavy drinking to hide my problems and this as proberly worsened the problems ,but have beeb in touch with doctor before incident that my deoression was getting worse and have now been referred to aquarius for alcolhol and healthy minds for depression . i now this is a vert serious crime and i will go to prison , which i will have to accept but will miss my very caring family . would anyone have any advice what will happen at court i had a duty solicitor but not very helpfull at mo , at interview i was advised by solicitor to no comment everything which i did, but the incident as been captured on cctv in broad daylight , but apparently weopens went missing , they were taken off me so dont now if some one got rid of them havent got a clue ,thankyou for any advice
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