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deposit scheme im being ripped off

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I.moved out of a place and I left it immaculate, it was cleaner than when I moved in.

Now I have been written to to say that the cooker is broke and they want me to pay for that and also there was a trace of honey in a cupboard.
Complete crap, I never even switched the cooked on,, I had my own one which I used. Where do I stand, how can I fight these lies?
Please help... they want over 200.


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    Tenancy deposit protection scheme will adjudicate, but expect to provide evidence. Broken oven should usually be treated as fair wear and tear or their problem unless they can show you were negligent.
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    Hello Arctic Roll.

    Thank you for your response.

    Sorry if I was a big aggressive I initially I was fuming!

    You say a great point, if the oven has just stopped working through use then that's not my fault but if I broke physically then I'm to blame.

    I never even used it as I brought my own with me, that is the joke, and the bit about honey in a cupboard is ridiculous, the problem is, I don't know how I can prove I never left honey in a cupboard if they have a picture of honey in a cupboard? I dont know how I can prove I never used the cookery neither?

    I don't need this stress, really at a bad time and I really need my deposit back urgently...

    If I content this, do you know, does it go to court?
    Is there a risk I pay more if they win?
    I will take this all the way regardless on principle as I know the truth and will speak it but I want to know what to be prepared for.

    Heads hurting! How can people operate a shady agency and tell lies about people to claw money from innocent people, they really disgust me.
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    You don't have to prove that you never used the oven. They have to prove that you were negligent/wilfully damaged it. If it's just worn out then they can't use that to keep any of your deposit.

    If they say you've left honey in the cupboards then that's more tricky, unless you took photos when you moved in and photos when you left.
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    If you are in England or Wales your deposit should have been protected in a tenancy deposit protection scheme and your landlord should have told you which one. They will adjudicate if you don't agree with the deductions.

    With the oven, the landlord will need to show that you deliberately or negligently broke the oven. The fact that it is simply doesn't work doesn't mean anything, as electrical items are the landlord's responsibility. The honey in the cupboard is more difficult to argue, but even then the amount charged should be reasonable and proportionate. If they're charging you £150 to clean one cupboard then that's neither.

    If your deposit was not protected then you can sue the landlord for damages in addition to getting your deposit back, but I would advise you to get specialist advice before doing that.
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    Hi Bettyboo

    Really sorry to hear about your situation - sadly, there are too many landlords still around who do whatever they can to hold on to a deposit :mad:

    The others have given you some great advice already so I just wanted to give you a bit more info in case it's of interest. Shelter might be worth contacting to see where you stand - they have a great helpline tel: 0808 800 4444

    You could also look at some of their information:

    Landlord and tenant responsibilities

    Paying a deposit - a guide on understanding where your money goes and how to get it back - might be helpful

    Good luck!
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