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Me and my sister

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Me and my sister are very close. Shes 4 years younger than me but we're both at similar levels of maturity.

As it so happens, we're both into the same things and none of our friends are so we go to gigs and car shows etc together. Makes sense right?

Trouble is, people have a kind of 'joined at the hip mentality' about us and i can understand why but sometimes i think it will be nice to do things alone/with other people. Bit difficult when we have mostly the same friends.

Also ive just been contacted about a friends hen party. We both know her since we both work at costa (shocking i know). Trouble is the lady who contacted me (the maid of honour im presuming) hasnt contacted her, probably just cos she didnt know of her

Now i feel like i should bring her along because shes her friend too but at the same time, it would just be nice to just go alone, with my other work friends

I also dont know an awkward conversation about it so maybe say theres only a limited number of places?


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    ReenaReena Posts: 1,375 Wise Owl
    Has the hen party been yet? Thought I'd ask since this was on 15th.
    If it hasn't, maybe you should find out why she wasn't invited. It could be as you said, (the maid of honour) might not have known of her, which means that maybe your friend (the hen) would want her there and be disappointed if she isn't.
    If that's the case you'd be helping your friend, and all having a great night out. If it isn't, whatever the reason is (as long as it doesn't hurt her feelings) you could pass on to her. That way you can be honest and won't feel guilty later on.

    Have you talked to her about spending time apart?
    What kind of hobbies do you both enjoy? Is there something you like doing she doesn't? You could join a club or something, maybe make new friends there, and that would give you the time apart. What do you think?
    Take care xx :wave:
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    we are all together
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