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General Chat, Monday April 8th 2013 7 until 8 PM

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Question: why is the thread or tomorrow’s Gobaith Cariad a Gwenu General Chat - which will be open by 7 PM until 8 PM and which you can access by clicking this bike - being posted tonight?
Answer: I may be cycling tomorrow, and I can’t make threads and ride bikes at the same time.

These are just some of the items you can discuss.
Two people who were over 50 went on the Voice and none of the judges turned round for them. Should there be a maximum age for auditionees?
What is the best Nicki Minaj song?
The slogan “let’s get ready to rumble” is copyrighted. Do you have a good slogan that should be copyrighted? Talking of slogans, WrestleMania is general enough to be discussed.
The King’s Speech,
Facebook charging people ten pounds to send messages to people who aren’t on their friends list,
Sport (including weightlifting and of course, cycling).


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