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Checking out form proof?

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As some of you are aware I am in the process of handing back a property to an agent who has been very awkward and unelpful to me since the beginning of my tenancy.

I do the check out soon and I wanted to create a form or a simple letter which I could ask the agent to sign for me to agree that I have not damaged the property.

I dont know exactly what to write and I would be eternally grateful if someone knew something good that I could write to cover myself legally and ask the agent to sign?

Thanks so much...

Bet :thumb:


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    Did you do an itinerary when you moved in? Ask for a blank of the same form and fill it in again.

    The burden isn't on you to prove you didn't damage anything, though, it's up to the agent or landlord to prove you did if they want to withhold any of your deposit.
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    Hi there bettyboo,

    I think it's a great idea even though the onus is not on you to do this as piccolo says.
    You could also take pictures and ask your landlord to sign/date the back of them as proof.
    As piccolo suggested, did you have a check in inventory that you could use?
    If not, then you could just use a blank piece of paper and list all the items in the flat and then next to that write the condition it was left in. It does get a bit tedious though but also means that you can include everything you want and tailor it to your needs.

    I don't have any good samples to mind but maybe search the internet to some ideas and then create your own. It will mostly have to be tailored for your property/tenancy anyway as all homes are different.

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