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Share your Spooky Experiences

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I know halloween was ages ago, but I was discussing spooky experiences with a friend and always enjoy hearing peoples stories. The house I lived in in my final year of uni was very creepy and generally had a horrible atmosphere. We'd hear footsteps coming from upstairs when no one was there, several people including visitors would hear someone come down the stairs when no one was in, I once heard the voices of 2 men having a conversation on the stairs when the only other person in the house (female) was asleep. A friend also reported being woken up by heavy breathing in his ear when he stayed once. It was generally a very creepy house and didn't feel welcoming at all - one of my housemates would get really upset if she was ever in on her own at night.

What are yours?


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    Ooooh i love ghosty things!!

    Once in our student house me and my housemate were chit chatting in the kitchen when we heard thumping noises coming from our housemates room above us. This was a thing we did where he'd knock and we'd knock back so we did it a few times til he went quiet, we carried on chatting. Twenty minutes later our housemate walks in the front door and when he told him what happened he casually mentioned that stuff would sometimes get knocked over or moved around his room. Our faces::shocking:

    A few years ago shortly after my brother passed away we were at a family do and having group pictures taken. Two pictures were taken of two different group poses straight after each other and when we looked back on the camera, in one of each of the two sets there were floating orbs but not in the other of the exact same pose. There were no pictures or anything it could have reflected off either

    Again shortly after he died my dad got chatting to a guy who lived down the road who said he was a medium. He'd had dreams of a young lad, long hair in a ponytail, cowboy hat and an iguana on his shoulder, and came round to ask if it was him. Showed him a picture and his dream was the spitting image of him.

    Sadly, this man died recently and both his wife and my dad have said theyve felt/seen him in some way. In his wifes car the cage to keep the dogs in the back kept rattling til she told him to stop. My dad also said he could smell him in the car (he smelt of chickens) til he told him to go away and it stopped.

    Have also heard of various family members seeing other family members ie dad saw my brother, brothers ex-girlfriend saw my great nan and grandad even though she'd never met them
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    I had no idea you'd lost a sibling Lexi! *hug* My hairdresser and family friend once told me about an experience that happened after her long term partner was killed in a bike accident. For several months after he died her house phone would ring several times a week, and when she picked it up there would be no one there. Then when she redialed it would just come up with her own house number. She thought it was odd but just left it until she was speaking to an engineer for another reason and asked him if it was possible for your house phone to ring itself and he said no and that he'd never heard of that happening. They ran some tests down the line and couldn't find anything. This carried on for a year or two until she started seeing her now husband and it just stopped.
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    Yea :( about 6/7 years ago now, long before I joined thesite

    And aww that story is so sweet
  • Indrid ColdIndrid Cold Warming up? Posts: 16,688
    Ok, not exactly a ghost story but here goes.

    It happened when I was 14 or maybe 15. I woke up one morning and saw a human-shaped "figure" next to my bed.
    It's actually difficult to describe in what way exactly I saw it. It wasn't a shadow or anything like that and all it had was a shape (I couldn't see features on it). The thing is that it was as see-through as you'd expect everything to be and I actually remember noticing that I could see the things behind the "figure" much clearer than anything else. I suppose it would be more appropriate to say that I saw a human-shaped absense of something, although I still can't imagine what that something would be.

    In any case, it was human-shaped and -sized and next to my bed. Its arms were spread in front just over me, and they were moving apart and coming together repeatedly from side to side, so that the palms would always be over my body. I figured I was just seeing stuff because I'd just woken up, so I rubbed my eyes a bit expecting it to be gone. When I opened them again I still saw the figure and this freaked me out so I jumped out of bed and ran out of the room (in case you're wondering, I didn't feel anything than air). I didn't go back in until my mother had opened the shades so there was light in the room, and then it was either gone or not visible in the light.

    I didn't see anything like that again for a time.
    A few days or weeks later I had gone to my grandma's house to spend a night there (I don't remember why). My grandma is something like a mix of "religious" and "spiritual" and at some point I had told her about the figure, to which she replied that it was probably my guardian angel. That night we slept in the same room and when I looked at the corner next to the bed I was on I saw it there again. This time it wasn't moving, just standing in the corner, and not next to my bed but a short distance from it. I told my grandma and she repeated that it must have been a guardian angel and I shouldn't be afraid. I don't know if she saw it too or simply believed me. In any case what she said calmed me down and I ignored it.

    The next morning when I woke up, my grandma was already out of the room but when I looked in the corner I could still see the figure there, in the same spot as before. I got kinda scared again and got out of the room. I went to the bathroom and washed my face then I went back to the room and the figure was still standing in the corner. I didn't go in the room again until my grandma had opened the shades.

    Now I'm 27 and so far I haven't seen anything similar.
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    I went to see some 2 guys a few years ago and in the middle of the night they put the willies up me !
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I've got nothing :-( I'm boring.

    I have woken up and saw a face staring at me eyes wide open but after about two minutes I realised it was just the Lexmark logo on a printer box lol.

    My mum is all really into this stuff though, or at least she used to be. She used to be a practising psychic. She said there are dark spirits as well as nice spirits and they would say horrible things to her, so she started blocking it out and ignoring it until she didn't hear from any of the spirits anymore. But this would have been in her early twenties, so maybe she's just had an active imagination?
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    When I was about 9 I once woke up to see a young victorian looking girl stood in my doorway staring at me. She had a straw hat and her hair in plaits. She smiled and waved at me but I was too petrified to react, then when I didn't wave back she stopped and looked annoyed at me and started walking towards me and vanished as she got to my bed. This was about 14 years ago now and I haven't seen anything since, but I was recently told by a psychic friend that my 2 'guardians' are young sisters from the victorian times about 8 or 9 years old. I then mentioned this to him and he said that it would have been one of them that I saw. Maybe I'm clutching at straws but I've also always felt a strong connection to that period since I can remember and have always been fascinated by it. I have no idea who they are or what my connection is with them though. That was the only time I've ever seen a full manifestation and even then I've only seen figures and shapes a handful of times. The night my grandad died just over 2 years ago I was aware of a figure walking around the end of my bed and I'm sure I felt something touch my hand as I was lying there trying to sleep. Nothing has happened since though.
    My mum also claims she was once visited by her guardian who was her aunt that had died when she was a teenager. She said she was lying with her eyes shut but suddenly the room was full of light and she felt warm and tingly like whatever it was was touching her. She was too scared to open her eyes but she spoke to it and said that my brother and I were in our rooms, to which it replied 'yes I know I've just been to see them' and then it went. This also happened around the same time as my experience. :chin:
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    Ive never really seen or experienced anything myself apart from the kitchen thing, part of me would love to but i know i'd also freak out!
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    I once, after one too many episodes of Doctor Who / HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy woke up to hear a really spooky, slightly robotic voice making commands I couldn't fully make out.

    It turned out it was a fire alarm malfunction at the British Library. :blush:
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