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Returning Unregistered Computer Warranty

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Long Story short.
On October 15th, I ordered an Acer Aspire V3 from Simply Acer (real name Box Ltd). 2 days later I realised I had not ordered extended warranty.
There are seemingly hundreds of different Acer laptops, and all images of warranties seem identical, and I managed to order incorrect one. I only discovered this when it arrived & and I removed the flimsy shrink wrap to open the booklet and read as invited on the outside cover.
I did NOT break or interfere with the internal envelope perforation seal where the registration codes are included.
I realised the warranty was not one although difficult to understand different warranty descriptions, contacted Box Ltd by email, who confirmed this & issued an RMA no. for return, and ordered the correct one. They stipulated that it was returned "as new", which apart from the flimsy shrink wrap it was.
I returned incorrect warranty by registered mail, but Box Ltd refused to accept it, claiming it was a consumable item, despite the fact that I had not accessed the registration information, never-mind 'consumed' them.
Cost to me was about £60 including postage.
Do I have any re-dress?


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    Hiya and welcome to TheSite boards!

    Sorry to hear about the situation you're in.

    As this is quite a specific scenario, it may be hard for people here to give you advice. Perhaps you could try using our Q&A service, askTheSite - you can ask a personal question and one of our expert partners will respond confidentially.

    You could also read some of the information on the Which? consumer rights website.

    If you are having no luck getting things sorted, you could try taking your complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman - this guide will explain how it works.

    I hope this helps :)
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    Thanks for that

    I'll research that further. This problem has been put on the back burner because I was unsure what to do or how. Now I have a little time to dedicate to it, I thought I'd have a bash and see what occurred, so thanks.
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