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Should I/Shouldn't I?

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Well I'll get straight to it. Back in May, I went to saty with my sister for a few days in Manchester. One night we went to a party and I was on a mission to get very drunk.
The night went on and when I was drunk enough I went over to the dance-floor and strutted my stuff. It was there that I met the most gorgeous, stunning, breath taking bloke I've ever seen! We were dancing for a matter of minutes and then he took my hand and led me outside.
It was pouring down with rain and we started kissing and he led me into a doorway (I know this sounds really pervy and slutty, but it really isn't! It was actually very exciting and the rain was quite romantic!) We became rather intimate in this doorway (we didn't go all the way mind) and then he asked if I would go back to his place. Every part of me was saying 'YES!' but I had to say no as I couldn't just leave my sister not knowing where I was and she would never let me go back with him anyway.
He continued to try and convince me to go back with him as we walked to the main street but I still said no. We kissed for the last time and he said it was 'his loss' (more like my loss) and I went back with my sister.
Now, only recently I was given this gorgeous guy's email address and I don't know whether I should email him or whether it is best that I just leave it and keep him as a very fond memory. The thing is, if I do email him, what on earth would I say???? Is it best that I don't email him? If I do I might discover that he is an arse hole and I'll get upset about it! What do I do, what do I do?
What do you think I should do?
thanx again
Kaz xx


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Yeah he could turn out to be an arsehole but he could turn out to be amazing.
    The question is do you want to email him? Do you want to try to find out if you and he could be something or do you want to leave it as a nice memory to look back on and wonder about?

    Sometimes I think it's nice to have these memories but I have one that just pisses me off and I wish just got with the guy. But it's still nice to think 'What if...'. lol, I'm not helping much.

    Only you can decide what to do.

    Good luck. :)
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    Hello, I'm very new but will still dispense a little advice I think!

    Although I've been in a relationship for a good while now, before that, I went through the same thing.

    I agree with everything already said - you have to make up your own mind. There is the 'what if' (I met my last boyf of 2 yrs that way) but then there is also the danger aspect.

    Just be careful, be sure and enjoy yourself whatever you decide.

    (And also keep us posted!)
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    If you dont email him then you'll always be thinking 'what if.....', but then sometimes this is best so that you have fond memories of him rather than finding out that really hes not such a great guy as you thought.

    A few months back I was in a club, a guy approached me who was really stunning, he told me he'd been watching me dancing and was telling me how nice I was etc etc, and then he asked me for a kiss but for some reason I wouldnt kiss him, and I really dont know why? But I gave him my phone number and the next day he text me and from then on we text eachother for a few months but he moved to swansea to finish his degree so we couldnt meet up. Then two weeks ago I was in the same club and the same guy approached me, I recognised him but he didnt recognise me, only this time I kissed him and then after talking he realised who I was and we were saying how strange it was that we'd bumped into eachother again like this, especially since we'd suddenly stopped texting eachother and he'd deleted my number off his phone! I ended up sleeping with him and the next morning we spent the day together, he seemed so nice and I was really happy cos he made me laugh and we seemed to suit eachother quite well. Then it turns out he'd been phoning/texting my mate :mad: behind my back and so Im no longer in contact with him, Ive decided hes not worth it and I was just another notch on his headboard.

    What Im trying to say is that sometimes its better to leave it, then youve got good memories rather than regrets, they can often seem really nice but it turns out their just good at sweet talking you, this guy seemed lovely but really he was only after one thing :mad:
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Well I decided to chicken out I'm afraid. This was all for good reasons though!
    I thought about your advice but then I thought about what I wanted to achieve if I emailed him. I looked at the facts:
    He studies in Manchester and lives in Scotland...I live miles down south! I would never get to see him!
    He is also a bit older than me and it's likely that I was nothing more than a pssing interest that night. He's probably forgotten all about me.
    He also knows my sister quite well and I'd feel weird going out with one of my sister's friends, I don't think she'd like it either.
    So I might have missed out on something, but I think I'd prefer to keep this guy in my head, as something to think about and cheer myself up when I'm feeling unloved. Life is full of riskd and chances anyway, I feel like I've passed up on the right chance. If I'd emailed him I might have started something that would only get messy.
    Thanks for all the advice though! I know I'm a chicken, but for once, I feel good about the decision I've made.
    Love Kazooz
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