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Should I get other people involved?

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So basically,

I was, wouldn't say friends more like acquaintances with someone called Chelsea, she lived in front of me when I lived with my parents, she told the police I'd beat her up..which I wasn't even in Hull at the time I'd meant to of done this Infact I wasn't even in the UK, I was on holiday in bulgaria, but she's constantly telling police people are going to beat her up or she's going to beat other people up..she's a bit childish.

Recently though its become a thing with pregnancies, she told me she had a little boy who went to live with his dad, This I found out to be a lie. She then got pregnant to my cousin but had a miscaraige also a lie, then she became pregnant with lilly and the social services took her away from chelsea just days after she was born, Chelsea and her mum moved to infront of where I live now, which is really annoying.

Everytime I leave mine and see her she screams at me in the street saying she's going to kill me for getting her daughter taken away (I did nothing). And now she's said she's pregnant with twins, and that she has a little girl in intensive care unit, I've seen photos and I've found these photos on google so I know their false and there is no way that she could of hade 3 babies or be pregnant in the time period she is stating as Lilly isn't a year old yet.

but she's threatning to kill everyone...and its really stressing me, because they're all coming to me and saying things about her, she's telling everyone its my fault..and that I punched her whilst she was pregnant..I wouldn't even dream of doing that, but now I'm getting a load of hate from her...

Do I get other people like social services or the police involved?..


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    Hey Emmalee,

    This sounds like a really difficult and stressful situation for you. However, well done to you for staying strong and thinking about this carefully and seeking help on here.

    I'm not really sure about the correct approach here; it could be that there is no right or wrong answer. There are pros and cons of getting other services involved. It seems though that social services are probably already involved if Lilly has been taken into their care.

    Maybe you could try posting a question on askTheSite where an experienced advisor may be able to answer your question better > http://www.thesite.org/community/askthesite

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