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How do I know if I've made the right decision to breakup? Feeling really bad...

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I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now, and everything was going perfectly fine. Great, actually. But the problem was I just didn't really see him as a soulmate, a companion for life. I knew that eventually I wanted to get out there and meet different guys, but what we had was great at the moment. So yesterday I decided to do it. I broke up with him, and now I feel like I'm totally regretting it and I miss him so much and I'm crying nonstop and it's terrible. I just want to be with him again and wish I never had broken up. Do you guys think this is just because its a "fresh wound" or does it sound like I've made the right decision? Please help!


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    it depends. Not all relationships have to be gone into with the thought that theyre forever. Its ok to think this is fun for now and enjoy it for what it is............ As long as youre not telling him oh i love you and want to be with you forever.

    Are you crying because of guilt, or because you really think actually maybe hes more suitable than you thought he was? Are you actually looking for someone you want to settle down with??
    I think after 18mths, you should know if youre going to fall in love with someone. Did you feel he was more into you than you were into him?
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    Hey, I done the exact same thing the other day. Sat down the beach on my own after for hours on end crying. The next day I still couldnt stop crying so got back with him. Now regretting it already and he's a lot more worried about wether we are going to work out now. Not sure if its any help but if I was you I would leave it another week or so and you will probably be okay :)
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