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what to do with my "FWB"

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Ok I have been fucking this guy for a long time. it will be 4 years on Valentines day. anyways, we have had feelings with eachother in the past. but then we both lost interest and we stopped talking for about 2 months. then i drunkenly text him one night and we got into the swing of things again and we are still fucking eachother to this day. but im in a situation. he had told me confessions. turns out he has a girlfriend on and off for about 3 years. and i have thought about completely ending it for the reason he has a girlfriend. but i havent done that yet for also reasons. in some sort its just not for sex were like a "friends with benefits" situation for the reason we actually have conversations with eachother and talk about things we wouldnt be able to talk about with anyone else, i know there is some sort of connection between us because i can definietly feel the chemistry when were with eachother. and when we talk i never bring up a conversation about what we are and stuff, but he always seems to bring up how much he cares about me and that he likes me alot and he wishes that he would date me. and sometimes i dont know how to respond to them and hell get upset if i dont say the things that he wants me to say back. but i dont understand why he says that to me when he has had a girlfriend for so long. and like hell tell me he loves me when hes with me and ill just smile back and hell say it again and again until i would say it back. what am i suppose to do? i do care about him and i want to stay friends with him but i feel like it just wouldnt be the same if i ended it.


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    He "wishes he could date you". Yeah, right. He could chuck his girlfriend tonight if he wanted to. If he actually wanted to date you, he'd have slung her a long time ago.

    Sounds like he's stringing you along for the sex. Which is fine if all you want is sex every now and again. But he's not going to leave his girlfriend, especially not for you: if he was going to he already would have done.

    Tell him to get lost and find someone who will date you.
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    That's a cool relationship... :naughty: wish I could have one.
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