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The HUG manual

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So heres my manual on how to hug me.

1) You must be shorter then 5"7

2) If your a male you have to be wearing either jeans or PJs/onesie

3)You can't Talk to me or breath on me during the hug, your mouth must be closed.

4) You must put your arms around my waist and your hands must go on my shoulder blades.

5) My arms must be able to go over the top of your shoulders and cross, so I can put my chin on your shoulder and my forhead resting on my elbow.

6) It can't be less then 2 seconds and it can't be more then 8 seconds.

7) The only time you can move your hand..is when I'm crying.

You can't say "Do you want a hug?" or "awh hugs" or even mention anything about hugging.

If you get all this correct, You may hug me..if you hug me..and get it wrong,. I never let you hug me again, and I also complain at you for hours.

That is the end of how to hug me


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