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Icky sex problem

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Since getting fibromyalgia sexy has become an intirely new game. The range of positions I can comfortably manage has gone down to maybe a couple and I'm often really tired.

I often find it really hard to come and when I do feel like I might come if feels like I might wee. I'm not talking squirting here, I'm talking actual pee. And sometimes I do. :( I make sure I go before sex and I often have to stop half way through, and it still happens. I often have to go afterwards as well.

I don't normally go this often and I have a pretty strong pelvic floor. What do I do??


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    Emma2Emma2 Deactivated Posts: 10 Settling in
    Hi Miss_Riot
    Dealing with fibromyalgia must be tough. You mention that the range of positions are limited and sex is really tiring. Is it also painful? The urge to pee during sex isn't unusual, but from your post it sounds as if this might be a relatively new issue or much more worrying now, as you are having to deal with it before, during and after sex. Do you need to pee as much at other times during the day, so could it be a side affect of any drugs you might have been prescribed. Maybe you have already looked into this. But might be wroth speaking to your doctor if you feel comfortable.

    Otherwise,you could speak to an expert. Would you feel comfortable going to your local Brook Centre (under 25s) or family planning clinic?. Advice is given in confidence and the service is free. If you'd rather not talk face to face about this you can also call the Brook Freephone Helpline on 0800 0185 023.

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    I don't need to pee as much otherwise and I've checked with my GP and he said its most likely just another physical manifestation of the mental stuff in my head regarding abuse. Thing is - I've been to see a psychosexual doctor and I didn't get much help.

    Any ideas?
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    stress incontinence isnt uncommon and in sex, in some positions the bladder is pretty much directly massaged. If youre really getting into it and relax your muscles enough, this could easily lead to a little accident. Stressing about it is probably going to have the effect of stopping you enjoying and relaxing in sex,
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