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Moving on

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Not everyone who lives in a hostel are drug addicts. Not all hostels are full of drugs.
^ Something I didn't know till I move into one.

I moved into this hostel april 2nd this year, I'd never lived or been in one before and I didn't know what they were like, I'd got an imagine in my head of mucky old places run down and full of drug addicts.

Actually its just like a home, A family home, latley I've come close to the people in here and we've all come together like a Family me and a lad have become the mum and dad we've got married ect Ellie and Taz are our children and Molly is the pet piggie because shes constantly stuffing her face and living in her own shit. I hated it when I first moved in here. I wanted to be back home

I didn't want to move into a hostel I never tell people I live in a hostel because I'm scared of their reactions. I only moved into one because of my own saftey. My social worker removed me away from an abusive household although I still have to return to it everyday to care for my sick farther at least I'm not exposed to it, well, as least its not happening 24/7.

My only worry is, I have 12 siblings, I live in a hostel of 12 people. I've always LIVED with other people although there has been times where I've been left on my own from the age of 7 overnight or for weeks at a time. How am I going to manage living on my own? I can cook/clean/wash all that type of stuff, but, I don't like to be alone completly I like noise..Bad thoughts happen in complete silence..what if I don't cope? Am i going to be here forever?


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    You might want to look into other support you can get to move into supported housing. Many housing associations will support you every step of the way, and organisations like Foyer and Centrepoint and Crisis Skylight can help you too. You'll be ready to move on at some point, get.digs of your own, and the support is there if you want it.

    Talk to your social worker:-)
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    Some great suggestions from Arctic Roll :thumb:

    It's great that you feel so settled in your new home, Emmalee, especially if you weren't sure to begin with. Although it's natural to look to what the future holds, maybe you should enjoy the fact that you're happy and settled for the time being?

    Do you have to move out soon or can you stay there for the foreseeable future? If you can, then perhaps there's no need to rush into thinking about your next move.

    Saying that, there will be other options for you when it is time to move on. For example, if you're still not keen to live on your own when the time comes, you could look into some form of shared housing instead. Like Arctic Roll said, there are lots of organisations and support to help you make the transition a smooth one.
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