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Submit a money meme for the chance to win £25

**helen****helen** Mod malarkistPosts: 9,235 Listening Ear
I've recently been alerted to this competition, so I thought I'd let you know about it:


There's quite a lot of 'blah blah blah' in that link, so here's the essentials:

November?s competition is called ?My Money Meme?* which gives you the chance to create your very own money themed meme. From dollar to dosh, make it your own and compete against fellow money management gurus. The winner will receive £25 of bonus bond vouchers, which you can spend in a range of different shops.

*What?s a ?meme?? It?s a photo with a funny, witty or ironic phrase split up into two parts ? one line above the photo and one below. We?ve included an example of a meme to get you started. Don?t forget to use your own photos.


You have until 5:00pm on Friday 23rd November to submit your entry to [email protected]. When submitting provide us with your name, age, address, organisation and occupation. A winner will be announced on Friday 30th November and will receive £25 in Bonus Bond vouchers. Other memes will also be showcased on our Money for Life Challenge Facebook page.
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