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TheSite's 16th birthday treasure

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Hello :wave:

Lots of you are probably aware that TheSite has just turned 16 - you may have spotted Jo7's message to her 16 year-old self on YouTube, celebrated in live chat or even sent us a message via Twitter. :heart: Keep your thoughts and messages coming - it's great to hear how you feel about TheSite now that it's coming of age.

To mark the occasion right here in the community, I had a natter with the TS Leaders last night and they came up with this:

TheSite photo hunt for your chance to win a goodie bag and the VERY last YN Octi :hyper:

So, what do I need to do?

Over the next 24 hours myself, other mods and even Octi himself will be posting photos randomly in threads around the boards. There are 9 in total and your task is to find all 9, tell us what the photos are (the clue is in the letter in each corner of the images) and then when you have them all, tell us which 2 words are made using the first letter of each word. The words are split _ _ _ _ & _ _ _ _ _

How do I enter?

To enter - send us a list of the individual nine words and the two words that are created using the first letters of each word. Send these to me or Jo7 via PM or email me [email protected]

Everyone who enters correctly will win a prize and then an overall winner's name will be drawn from a hat to win the coveted last Octi.

So, to kick this off - here is the first image. Look out for other images with letters and Octi in the corner.


Make sense?

The hunt starts now and you have until 1st November to submit your entries.

P.S while it's fine to confer with friends, answers should NOT be posted publicly in the forums.
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