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Getting first flat- how difficult?

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Hey guys,
My mum is effectively kicking my out to live with my dad as soon as I've finished school in June. My dad's said it's okay for me and my boyfriend to get a flat, but I guess it's going to be quite difficult?
I'll be 16 and he'll be 18, realistically will we be able to find anywhere to rent?
We don't want to live in student accommodation/shared housing.

On the money front we should be okay, my dad's said he'll give me my mum's child support money (she thinks we're going to live with my dad) and he'll match it till I'm 18, so that's £200 a month for 2 years. And then we'll both have jobs (hopefully!) and we have our savings. And hopefully his grandma is giving him quite a bit of money if they sort out the family feud that's going on!

But even if we have the money, will we be able to rent anywhere? I know buying anywhere and getting a mortgage is near impossible for under 21's, but what about renting?

Thanks :)


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    What kind of area are you thinking of renting in? For example, London area you'd REALLY struggle to rent for a reasonable price (I get the idea that £400-500 would get you a single room in a shared house!) but up in Leeds, you'd get at least a flat for that, especially if you're not wanting to live in the centre.

    As an example, I'd say my monthly living expenses when I was on my own came to around £800. That included £400 rent for a one bed flat, really nicely decorated (I was first in!) but in a not brilliant area, though it was close to where I was working, so fine. Then bills (council tax at about £70 a month, £35 on elec/gas, £15 on a water meter, £20 for internet). Then my other living bills - mobile phone, car tax/insurance/MOT etc.

    You also need to consider that they will want a deposit and to reference you. Your deposit is usually at least a month's and sometimes 6-8 weeks rent, and then referencing is around £25, with the possibility of agency fees on top of that, which can add an extra £100 each on. Landlords may well want to see that you have a minimum income, or have a guarantor. For my £400 flat up here, they wanted a minimum income of £19,000. They'll ask for employer and previous landlord references (if you're coming from family, they don't ask for a landlord reference usually.)
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    Thanks for your reply :) We're looking at the midlands, so it's relatively cheap, compared to the south anyway!
    I've going to have to do a budget plan I think to include mobile bills etc. hadn't thought about that!
    Will landlords be a bit funny about me being 16 or will it not matter because my boyfriend is legally an adult?
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    Hi there BA,

    Shelter have a good page for young people leaving home, which includes a checklist of things to think about.

    A joint tenancy can be granted if you are living with someone over 18 - see this page on tenancy agreements for more info.

    Hope this helps a bit (and excuse the treasure hunt picture invading your thread!) :)

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    Thanks Fostress :) and ooohh that's a difficult one!
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