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All my relationship fading away :(

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Iam Not really speakin to my dad beause he dosnt even bother with me anymore. He dosnt bother comming to pick me up or take me out anymore so that relationship have gone out of the window now. My dad is married to some woman and i total hate her soo much. She is soo horrable towards me and she dosnt like me at all and allways treats me diffant to my other brothers and sister wich its not fair i havent done notheing for my stepmum and dad to do it. I cont trust them anymore and after what they have gone and done the other day. My stepmum and dad is really jelouis beause iam haveing contact with my mum and i dont bother with them anymore and i enjoy staying with my mum and my mum boyfreind. This how it started: My leaveing care worker help me get in contact with my mum. My mum wanted contact with me so she went on facebook and found me on there. them I started speakin to her on facebook for a few days. Then i give her my number theen started to speak on the phone. None of my famleiy dint know at the time beause i dint want them to know beause theyu dint want me to see her niver did they. Then i started to tell my older sister and she wanted contact with her so me and my sister in contact with her now. We not told my dad that we speakin to her he dosntr want us to have contacted with her. Then he found out witch i dont know who told him. So my dad got hold of my leaveing care worker and told them that i was not safe and unsucure with my mum (witch iam safe with my mum) and they dont know what my mum is like so they cont judge her. ok what she did in the past was not a good thing but she been into prison for it and she change sooo much now. then my leaveing care worker sent the police out and they dint tell me and did it behind my back. My leaveing care worker gone agest me to to now and is going with my dad and he even help me get in contact with her. i got a meeting on friday i dont know what to do now. my life is reck iam just wish i could undertand what really going on and why this all have happened to me :( i had some roth few days with all this going on. Even the support workers gone agast me now to and is going with my dad and my leaveing care worker. i been really ill to

needs lots of hugs too :banghead:*

Best wishes,
Heather xx



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    ReenaReena Posts: 1,375 Wise Owl
    Some people are like that. Your dad may love you but not know how to show it. Or he may be jealous of your relationship you have with your mum now, and want the same sort of thing. It might even be something to do with how he feels about your mum. Maybe he is trying to hurt her by keeping you two apart.
    But whatever the reason there is no excuse.

    I heard of this thing that happens in American, I don't know if it happens in the UK, but basically children/young adults can ask for emancipation. And the government or council assist them with living arrangements and legal stuff. Like I say, unsure of the details but I'm sure your care worker can help.
    Hope this helps, good luck. xx *hug*
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