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Chat tonight (mon) 8-10pm

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If you're looking for support post general chat, pop in and see me and Dan for more natterings.



  • **helen****helen** Mod malarkist Posts: 9,235 Listening Ear
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    On behalf of **Angel**...
    Well youuuu seee Helllleeeennn, BRE is a Under Cover Spy Detective working for TheSite, she works with Lea, and there spying on the Moderators without anyone knowing. Other than me knowing, and now I've told you, so don't tell them, or Dan might get Duff to stick me in his shoe again, Claire said she would do my nails, and give me a extreme makeover, then when she's not looking DAN with poke her in the eye, well he did, and then, like Claire thought it was Me and I thought it was Sam, but really it was Dan, and Sam didn't really do anything, But I blamed SAM anyway, because I like blaming other people you seee...So HMMM7 Had to get involved a stop all the fighting and Hmmm7 couldn't, then he saw Lauu, and was like I'm not dealing with this, and went off, because we were all blaming each other, then I saw Megan eat a sock, it was one of your really smelly ones I think Helen, so I think I know where all your socks at going to, and Nina is training on mars and REFUSING to do any of my homework, which I think is completely and utterly unfair! And Em is being Em :P Running around without clothing some place I'm guessing or meeting some celeb. BUT RG was walking are way and she was SAM, CLAIRE AND ME arguing still, so she asked what was going on and SHE SPINNED IN CIRCLES and turned SAM and CLAIRE in to tree's it was amazing, so I hid behind her, and didn't make a noise, then out of nowhere, RG's can, RandomCat JUMPED ON ME and I was like HOLY FUCK and screamed at the top of my lungs and ran around in circles I crashed in to Sophie, sophie glanced at me, and out of nowhere, she called her SPACE SHIP and it took her away, then outta nowhere, WAVY AND STARRY come, I run for my life, because they have turned in to amutant zombies that eat people's ears, legs and what not, so I'm kinda stuck here Helen, so all good right?

    Nina x
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