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Really Need Some Help (Recent Graduate)

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I dont know if anyone will be able to help, but im a recent science graduate and I'm really struggling to even find job that are suitable for me, never mind actually getting anywhere once ive found stuff i can apply for.

Basically what i was aiming for after university was just a sorta entry level graduate laboratory job, but i cant find much.

I wasnt keen on the idea of going straight into a phd, cause im really not that much use in a proper lab at the moment, cause ive only got 3/4 months full time lab experience under my belt, so i feel like im instantly going to lose out to an older candidiate with real experience. But i have no idea in real terms, can anyone offer any advice?

Basically, i know its only the end of september and i only graduated in june, but i feel like the longer im outta the field and stuck in retail, the less likely i am to ever move into a lab sorta job. I have no idea what my next step is, even really where to look.

I have no idea what im doing really, feel like i am going about it all wrong, and every time i fire up the laptop for the old job hunt i always end up having a wee episode cause im just so disappointed that theres nothing, or i've found something and im over or underqualified.

Basically i just need some guidance and advice and would be greatly appreciative of any help and guidance i feel so lost and confused and hopeless


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    Have you tried applying to places you fancy working? I did this for some labs, sent my cv to around 30 labs, got 2 interviews and two job offers out of it. Although this was sometime ago when the economy was better. Sometimes labs don't advertise their jobs, or they see a cv they fancy and think what sort of job they could use this person at. Have you tried applying to really small labs as well as the big ones?
  • **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hey Thief,

    The situation you're describing is one I'm sure lots of graduates can identify with - I was in retail for 6 months until I got a job that actually related to my vocational training and I was constantly worried that I'd be stuck throughout that period. It aint easy and I'm aware the climate is even tougher since I graduated.

    Have you had a chance to check out the grad opps on Prospects? Here's a very vague search I did, literally just putting science in. So you might find it more effective to do your own bespoke search.

    Can I just clarify, and sorry if this is a really ignorant question - but is it chemistry you studied? If it is, then here's a list of contacts and resources for that area - guessing lots are probably familiar, but maybe there will be a couple you haven't tried. Let me know if I'm totally of course!

    When you spot jobs on the laptop, try to avoid making assumptions about what you might be over or under qualified for and maybe see if you can get some input from someone already in the field - it can be hard to tell before you know more about the job. You could always make some calls to the employer just to clarify what they're looking for too.

    Mainly, getting stuck is something that tends to happen when people give us - if you continue to be proactive then there's much more chance that eventually something will come up for you.
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    I am not much use when it comes to science-ey stuff; however, is it possible you could do some voluntary work experience to gain some practical skills, boost your CV and impress a potential future employer who could then offer you paid work? Like I said, I'm pretty rubbish at knowing what science involves so I apologise if its not a practical option!
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    I'd also apply for jobs even if you think you are under or over qualified if it's one you like the sound of. I was convinced I was under qualified for the job i'm in now, but actually, while I didn't have everything they said they wanted and I'm pretty sure other people did, I got the job - I think through my enthusiasm and from proving I was willing to learn on the job etc.
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