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Wanting to distance myself from friends

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Things have changed a lot in my life recently. I've lost and gained different friends. I've moved...again. I'm now many miles from home and all the people I love. I'm about to start uni again as well.

But its getting to the stage now where I'm pushing away friends and family from home. I'm seriously considering not contacting them for a few days and reassuring them I'm okay, I just need some space. Does this sound like something that might help me remember what I value? Remember why I love them so much. I'm at my wits end trying to make an effort to hold conversations. But I really need time to think, to be alone, to evaluate what I have now.

Sorry for the seemingly pointless post. I just dont know what to do


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    Everyone needs alone time now and again, you don't have to think of it as 'pushing your friends away' but more, 'taking a time out to reflect'. With how busy a lot of our lives are these days, it can actually be difficult to just have some time where its just you and yourself alone, to have a conversation on how things are going and how you are feeling. And I think that's an important conversation to have from time to time.

    So by all means, take some space :) don't feel bad about it - your friends should understand as it is a normal part of being human! Just don't isolate yourself from everyone, make sure your friends know you are still there, just taking a breather :)
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    Thank you for your reply :)

    Today I've not really had time to think as I've been so busy, but I havent had any contact with friends/family from home... and I really miss them!

    I think I just need another few days to realise what I want to do next, and I think you're right, I need to let them know I'm still here but just taking a break from everything. Thankfully my friends are like gold dust and are completely irreplacable, so they are more than likely to understand what I'm doing.

    I guess I just need to chill out a bit more. I'm always so worried about relationships... but thats a totally different story altogether!
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