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Rented property and relationship breakdown

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My boyfriend of 3.5yrs and I broke up a month ago today but I have the current dilemma.

Current situation is:

We owe £46.50 from outstanding utility bills on #17 (The flat we rented together that got repossessed)

We owe £156 from the 10 days #38 was un-tenanted

We owe 2.5 months of gas and electric on #38 as during this time we didn't get a utility bill.

Legally we are both liable to pay these bills. I could, if I eat tesco value foods for while, pay it all out in one go and then ask him to pay his fair share but believe me, knowing what sort of character he is, he isn't going to be very forthcoming with any money.

I asked EDF if they could send out two equal bills of half each and then I pay my share and then it's down to him to pay his half. EDF say "no we can't do this". So I have asked them to forward the bills onto him.

I can forsee him either not opening or acknowledging these bills or asking me for my share but pocketing this money for himself and the bills remain unpaid.




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    Hi Curvy,

    How were you paying for your bills, direct debit or paying off the bill each time you got it? I'm having similar problems with my old housemate at the moment. We were splitting the bills 50/50 but the gas and elec was unestimated so there's been a shortfall that needs paying now we've moved out. Only she can't afford to put any money towards it at the moment. It's a tricky one to resolve, legally EDF can go after either one of you. I'm expecting I'll be the one as it's my bank details they've got for the direct debit. If you're paying the bills on an each time they come basis, you could pay off your half and see whether he'll face up to his responsibilities. The CCJ thing may bother him enough? With a direct debit, you can cancel it and should be protected under the direct debit guarantee, but again it's only going to end in EDF pursuing either or both of you for the unpaid balance.

    If you wanted to avoid CCJ you could settle the bills in full and take him to a small claims court to try to recover what he owes. However proving that he owes half is going to be difficult unless you have something in writing in a tenancy agreement etc which states each of you is liable for 50% of the bills.
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    Hey there Curvy_lass,

    This sounds like a really stressful situation and one that I'm sure you can do without right now.

    I think flibbertygibbert's advice is great; especially as they've been through something similar. The small claims court is an option that you can pursue, if all else fails as mentioned. The Citizen's Advice Bureau have useful information about this online that you might want to check out - http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/law_e/law_legal_system_e/law_taking_legal_action_e/small_claims.htm

    You may also want to try putting something in writing to your ex-boyfriend; perhaps with a date that you'd like this issue settled by or an option to pay in installments. Keep copies of any correspondence in case you decided to take more serious action later, for example the small claims court. Hopefully though the CCJ and a written letter will make him face up to his responsibilities!

    I hope you're able to put this matter behind you soon!

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