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We've started our first discussion for our Christmas campaign which is focusing on religion or cultural beliefs that help you when you're feeling down. Some of the responses will be used anonymously on social media as a video. If you'd like to take part, head over to this thread.
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General Chat This Monday Evening: 7 until 8 PM

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Tonight’s Gobaith, Cariad a Gwenu Chat will be open by 7 PM until 8 PM, so participate by clicking this lion. You can read all about how this chat is different from other chats. You can discuss any general topic including but not limited to:

What you’ve been doing this bank holiday weekend,
Festivals and carnivals,
The weekend’s sport: Yorkshire came so close to winning the T20, and Blackpool scoring 6 goals.
Celebrity Big Brother: Should housemates who have been evicted continue to have any involvement in the show?
X Factor and the lion in Essex.

If you have a problem, you can use this chat to distract yourself from it. You can receive support with your problems from 8 PM.


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    Live from a flat in which a computer has just broken for the third time in its history, the GCG Chat. Click here to see if this computer survives and to chat about anything that is general.
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