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We've started our first discussion for our Christmas campaign which is focusing on religion or cultural beliefs that help you when you're feeling down. Some of the responses will be used anonymously on social media as a video. If you'd like to take part, head over to this thread.
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General Chat This Monday Evening: 7 until 8 PM

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Tonight’s Gobaith, Cariad a Gwenu Chat will be open by 7 PM until 8 PM, and you can be part of it by clicking here. You can read all about how this chat is different from other chats. You can discuss a variety of general topics including but not limited to:

The return of X Factor: Was Zoe set up? I thought the guy from Asda and Ella were the best singers.
Football: What do you think to the Newcastle manager getting sent off in the first week of the Premier League season? Did Southampton deserve a point?
Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine to win.
V Festival
Have you ever woken up feeling totally in love? I did after a dream this morning.
Do you agree with an academic who claims the increasing sexualisation of our culture is turning people off sex?

I'm looking forward to tonight's chat.

If you have a problem, you can use this chat to distract yourself from it. You can receive support with your problems from 8 PM.


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    Probably wont be in chat tonight but Wayne, i had to tell you in Costa you can get a huge bourbon. Thought of you!
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