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Favourite Youtubers?

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
I can't be the only one addicted to youtube surely..

Do you have any favourites that you subscribe to?

Mine are people I find funny that vlog..

from the UK..
Nerimon (especially his latest video about his visit to the local swimming pool)
Crabstickz (brilliant one man sketches and does a fantastic Colin Firth impersonation)
Mememolly (her best videos are the earlier ones)
Kermodeandmayo (I like Mark Kermode's film reviews and the discussions it prompts)
Paperlillies (does a good Britney Spears impression..never seems to post anymore :( )

CommunityChannel (Natalie Tran is HILARIOUS. Again one person sketches)

superdooperrad (I just like her clothes and she's quite quirky)
Sxephil (News and stuff what mattered to him today.. I disagree with him a lot but it's still interesting)
Hayleyghoover (she's funneh)
Meekakitty (Also funny, makes strange music videos now)

Who are yours and why? Do you have a favourite video of theirs?
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