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'The Ex-Girlfriend'

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Okay so...

I was in a really nice relationship my first proper girlfriend. I liked her..she liked me. We we're in love. Her friends didn't like me..Kept feeding her lies about me about how I'm cheating on her with a man and all this type of rubbish. Eventually we went into a huge argument which ended up making me really stressed so by that time. I'd had it.I'd had her, I ended the relationship.

Within 10 minutes 3 of her friends we're in-boxing me threatening me. Scared. Thinking she'd stick up for me..well, I was wrong..she Joined in with the threats..Where they got really serious...about how they're going to smash my head through a window..or something like that. I believed her. Because, she has a history of doing that in the past. I became really low and the only way to cope..Was to well.."Go to sleep forever and ever" She didn't realise how much she was actually hurting me...

And now..she's texting me asking me to give her one last chance and have a relationship with her again. I can't...I can't forgive what she did...But i still love her :(

Too late to become a Nun?:nervous:


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    She sounds like an immature bitch tbh. The only way I'd ever consider talking to her would if she gave an unreserved face to face apology and got her friends to do the same. But a relationship after that? Hell no.
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    Hey Emalee :wave:

    What your ex did to you sounds really spiteful and as WhoWhere says, pretty darn immature too. It must have been really hurtful and to feel scared to that extent isn't something you should ever have to put up with *hug*

    The difficulty is that you still have feelings for her and that's ok, you can't help how you feel and somewhere in there is the person you initially fell for. The problem now is that it's all tainted by what's happened and that will be really hard to get your head around.

    You say you can't forgive her and that's more than understandable, being able to put something as upsetting as that behind you would not be an easy thing to do.

    Take your time to think this through and be honest with her, right now it sounds like it is all far too raw for you to even consider giving her another chance and even if you did then you have to imagine whether you could really make a go of it now that you have this history? What is it that still draws you to her?

    It might help to keep yourself busy if you can and maybe ask her for some space for now? What do you think? If she is really determined to make things right then she should respect that..

    Take care and let us know how it's going :)
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