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why did i dream this

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the other night i had a weird dream and it did scare me a little bit -

what happened was i was sitting on a bus near this ring road which has a carpark in the middle of it - there was this car driving around the road at full speed the driver skidded around the corner into the carpark crashing at full speed into a parked car - it felt so real and was so graphic as i heard the noise of the crash and saw the man come flying back - he looked like he had been shot in my dream - it was so realistic where it was is a real place in my city - it has worried me because if i ever did witness something as horrific as that it would affect me a lot in real life,, why would i dream something such as that?


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    Hi LOU1S3,

    I am sorry to this hear that this dream has worried you a little, dreams can be very muddled and also seem very real and vivid. This can be quite distressing and play on your mind especially if they are about something involving an accident or where somebody is hurt. Dreams can have lots of different meanings and usually are connected to something you have thought of or spoken to someone about that day, if you are feeling anxious about something this can also trigger a distressing dream. I would try not to worry to much and it may even be worth keeping a dream diary just to reflect back to any dreams you have had and see if they correlate to anything that is happening in your everyday life.

    Please keep on posting at the site, I hope you find it useful and let us know how you are getting on *hug*.

    Take care,
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    Thankyou Becky,

    I think I might do that yes a dream diary sounds a good idea because I do frenquently have a lot of dreams a bit like what I have just explained.

    Louise :heart:
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