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Recovering from mental health problems

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I just wondered what people have found useful in getting better if they have suffered from mental health problems ?

My other question is about psychosis. I don't know if anyone out there has experienced this, but I just wondered what could trigger it for different people. My own experience of psychosis was triggered by bullying as a teenager I believe. I feel much better now, but I'm still taking anti-psychotic medication.

Does anyone have views on psychiatric medication ? I believe I have worked through the issues I used to have such as a negative self image, so I'm not convinced about having to take psychiatric drugs long term. I think the illness was triggered through psychological trauma from bullying, but I think the relationship with myself is much better now - I don't look at mental health problems as being purely biological anyway.


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    Hi Mark1984:wave:.

    Have you checked out the information on the Mind website - I have added a link for you to have a browse through in your own time - www.Mind.org.uk, they have some really useful information on various mental health issues and also some links to some great support in your area.

    Please keep on posting and let us know how you are getting on .:)

    Take Care,
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    I've been on the national MIND website to look up information and have gone to my local MIND and done courses there.

    I've tried to educate and develop myself as much as possible over the last few years, but I think mental health is a broad and often complex subject - I dont think even the experts have a complete grasp on how our brain functions and malfunctions.

    Thanks for the link.
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    I've had mental health issues all my life. I used to be a sel-harmer, have a drink problem and have been in hospital with depression and anxiety disorder. I'm now 28 and have a job, a degree, a good circle of friends and have been dating and doing OK with other things. At the same time, I know my mental illness will always be there, it's just now, I have ups and downs (which have admittedly led me to medication and to questioning if I am developing bipolar 2, as I have many symptoms), but I'm happy and have plans for the future...

    I do hope that people will reply and say they are free from illness. Some people recover fully, but a lot of us find coping methods and just grow stronger. The latter is me.

    Things that have helped me:
    - I don't smoke, or use other drugs, apart from the occasional drink of wine, or coffee (actually, cutting back on coffee does help more than people think)
    - I practice mindfulness and sometimes meditation (Buddhism has helped me lots)
    - I try to listen to my body. If I need to rest, I sleep a lot... In my hyper phases, I exercise, read and get social. I try to respond to my body and in my low phases, I give myself small things to achieve every day... My last crash had me off work, so every day I would try and do something... Go to the library, look up a new recipe, have a bath... One day at a time.

    My experience of medication is that it has helped me... Recently I reluctantly went on to Zoloft and it has helped. For some people, it works short term, for some, it's needed long term... It just depends.
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    Hey mark,

    Just wanted to pop in and bring your attention to this thread - it's ongoing and about people sharing positive things they have done for their wellbeing - you might find some useful ideas in there: http://vbulletin.thesite.org/showthread.php/147050-Positive-things-you-ve-done-for-your-wellbeing

    Thanks for sharing what's worked for you Namaste.

    We've also got an article here on TheSite about psychosis that you might find useful to read although it sounds like you've learnt a lot through MIND, what sort of courses did you do there?

    Here's our article anyways: http://www.thesite.org/healthandwellbeing/mentalhealth/otherconditions/psychosis

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    Thanks for those links. I've just done as many different courses as possible - self esteem, confidence, NLP, meditation, psychiatric drugs - a whole range just to learn as much as possible.
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