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New job wobbles

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I took a new job about 6 weeks ago in a new field to what I normally (from operations to sales) and its going REALLY well. So well infact I'm starting to freak out. Because I'm not sure if its what I want. I don't like the whole targets and bonuses ting - I'm not particularly money driven, I work more on the basis of feeling good about what I have done. Part of the anxiety comes from my mental health problems and now I'm just starting to completely flake out. Going to see my shrink in the morning but I guess my question is how long do you settle into a new field before deciding if its right or not?


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    Hey Girl_gunner :wave:

    Congrats on the new job and it sounds like you're a natural :) New job wobbles are really common so the main thing is to give yourself some time to be sure about any next move.

    It can be scary making a jump to a new field but it might help to see this as a learning experience. You say you're not sure if this is the career path for you, you hate the bonuses and targets - are there any bits that you do like? Maybe it's helping to build your confidence and communication skills? What I guess I'm saying is that even though you're not sure you want to pursue this particular job, you are probably still getting some good learning out of it.

    Is it a full time contract? Is there a probationary period? Often in a new full time job there is a period of a few months where essentially you and your employer and making sure you fit. If after this period is up you feel you'd rather go back to operations then that might be the time to re-think?

    You also mention some of the worry is down to your mental health and it's good to be able to recognise that. How did the appointment go today?

    Remember, whatever you decide there is nothing wrong at all with saying, "I thought this job would be for me but it's not making me happy". Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, what's the worst thing that could happen if you did hand in your notice? Just worth thinking about, might help you to make up your mind...

    Let us know how you get on *hug*
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