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found somebody but cant?

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there's this guy named TJ. hes amazing in every single way possible and he really likes me back and everyhting but we cant be together becuase we live 5 hours away from eachother. we talk to eachother everyday and i think its just hurting us more because after wer done talking or one of us have to go, i feel a realy strong empty feeling.
im not sure what to do. i really really really like him. but we cant be together. i want him, he wants me, but neither of us want a long distance relationship cuz it wud most likely kill us. shud we just give up and let go of eachother?


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  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Well yes, if you cant do a long distance relationship then what are your options?
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    its just so hard to let go...i dont want to...we get to see eachother like, once every 3 months. its not fair..
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    Ive been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It was so so hard but because i was so smitten with this guy we stayed together and saw each other twice in about..... 10 months. At the time, i just didnt care and we kept in touch everyday, but looking back now, honestly, I wouldnt do it again unless i was 100 million percent sure it was what i wanted. It was hard. I couldnt go to him for cuddles, when we had a row i couldnt go round to his house. There were times he wouldnt answer his phone, and i couldnt just go round to his to check he was ok. We didnt break up because of the long distance but i think it contributed to the problem.

    My advice would be to just cool it for a little while. Stay friends and chat but i think yo should both try and focus on your immediate lives if that makes sense. Dont force yourself into 'official relationshipness' and having to see each other often to keep your relationship going
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    Hi shy_devil_girl :wave:

    Isn't love annoying sometimes? It's so hard to find someone you click with, and then it's sods law that when you do find them they live 5 hours away! :banghead:

    You're understandably confused and upset as to what to do. And, unfortunately, nobody can make this decision but you and TJ. Yo've got to weigh up the pain of being apart versus the pain of letting each other go when you've obviously got a strong connection.

    It sounds like you're still not ready to give up on it just yet, so I suggest you read this article on Long-distance Relationships for some tips. Is TJ willing to give it a go? Are your living situations likely to stay the same for a long time, or will either or you be moving (maybe closer) soon? Lexi99 has also given some great advice that it's beneficial for both of you to focus on the other parts of your life too. If you take it day by day, week by week, then maybe the answer will become a bit clearer with time?

    Let us know how you get on *hug*

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    thanks lexi and holly, ive given it some thought and have come to the decision, with the help of TJ, that we are going to be friends. and if we can keep being friends for the long run until after graduation, then we'll try and give it a go. but thats only if we are still friends and still have this strange connection.
    ive never had anyone be able to make my heart beat as fast as he does, or make me blush as deeply as he can. its insane.
    but thanks for the advice, i hope u all well :):heart: :wave: :blush:
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