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Rented house - unsafe boiler

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We had a boiler repair man out last week (sent by our landlord) as we've been having ongoing issues with the boiler. When we first moved in last September it just didn't work, so we had no hot water for about 6 weeks whilst waiting for the landlord to send someone out. That got fixed and at the time the repair man was saying he's used to coming to this address and has been telling the landlord for years that the boiler is old, dangerous and needs to be replaced.

Since the weather's got warmer and we've been using the heating less, we've discovered the bypass valve has gone, meaning we don't get hot water unless the heating is switched on. The repair man who came out last week, again said this address is well known to him and the boiler needs replacing as it is leaking badly and has completely rusted away the cover in places, he believes it to be unsafe and only a matter of time before it leaks and floods the house or explodes! He told me he would report his findings back to the landlord. We tried calling them that evening but they didn't pick up, so we sent a text message asking what they intend to do, the response we got was 'ok thanks'.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Do I write a letter to the landlord giving a date for action? Is there anyone like environmental health I can get involved? My contract runs til September, so I'm reluctant to pay rent to live somewhere unsafe. Any advice?


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    Contact your local council I would assume. He's still legally obliged to follow laws (health and safety for example) as a landlord. You could write a letter, but would it actually get them to fix it? Probably not. S/he could face a fine or imprisonment if they don't sort it out.
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    Environmental health at the council is who you need.
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    Hi there and thanks for posting your query.

    Seems like an awful position to be in, as well as dangerous.

    Like JavaKrypt and Arctic Roll have already pointed out, getting in touch with the environmental health officer at your lcal authority will be the best course of action.

    Here is a page from the Shelter website that may be useful to you - http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/repairs_and_bad_conditions/disrepair_in_rented_accommodation/repairs_in_private_lets/contacting_environmental_health

    It points out that you should try to tell your landlord the problem in writing and give them reasonable time to fix it.

    In this case as the problem is quite urgent, you could write to your landlord as well as contact environmental health simultaneously.

    Hope it gets sorted soon!
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