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A poem (kinda) and a blog

Hiya all :)
This is my first post on here, so hi:wave:
First off, check out my blog, I need more viewers! www.adventurousinatutu.wordpress.com :)
Second, I'm generally disasterous when it comes to writing, but I was looking for a quote to use as an fb status, and from the quote I found, a poem kinda appeared..let me know what you think:) It's about a guy, my best friend, who I love, as a friend, and as more than that. Our relationship (as friends that is) has been a bit on/off as we both have problems with family/ selfharm/ depression etc. but we're always there for each other in the end, I hope. Although he'll never read this, I want him to know I love him so so much <3
What do you do...
When the one who makes you cry is the only one who can stop your tears?
When the one who causes you pain is the only one who can stop the hurt?
When the one who broke your heart is the one that holds it together?
When the one who you can't explain to is the only one you trust?
When the one who you would give your all for is the one who doesn't want it?
When the one who you would give your life for would die if you did?
When the one who knows you the best is the one you feel ashamed to tell?
When the one who you always want to think about only brings bad thoughts?
When the one who you want to hate is the only one you love?
When the one who makes you want to die is the only reason you keep living?

Nina x
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    **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hey nina, nice post. Your blog kinda reminds me of Live Journal - are you familiar with that? I know a few people on TheSite have used it over the years but not sure if it's still popular?

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