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house falling down. advice please.

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hi all I'm new to the site so still feeling around abit, i have a very huge problem and just don't know where to start or what to do. I'm a council tenant have been for 54 yrs, the property i have lived in for the past 10 years has now started to subside drastically. the exterior wall is coming away and we have huge damage to interior walls celiing door frames. etc looks a bit like the host of horrors, some of the cracks are a least 20 inches long by 1 inch wide on the exterior internal walls. this has been going on for over a year and a half, the council send some sort of housing engineer around every month or so to measure the cracks and movements.i have tried to pin him down as to what they are going to do about our situation.at last today i managed to get some information apparently they have discussed the situation and come to the conclusion that the house needs to be under pinned , an obvious statement, but why wasnt it done well be for now. my council is harlow council.he said that it would cost approx 40 thousand pounds to re pin and sort the interior of our property. as such they feel it would be to costly ! three of the attached properties. i live on the end of a terrace are also having structural damage.if they had underpinned the property at the beginning we could have stayed in the house, but because it has been left to collapse the interior supporting wall is collapsing. so we would have to move out while the underpinned that also.on pushing the housing person he more or less told me we would have to move out permanently! my worst nightmare. i don't want to move I'm disabled, have mental health illness. bi polar etc.the thought of moving is terrifying me, i have a two bed room house. excellent neighbours, near to my mum.ect we are terrified that we will be moved into a flat. i have a wonderful garden at the front of my property that i keep nice for every one to see.sorry to waffle on. i feel so gutted and let down i have no rent arrears have kept my home clean and in good repair. have never had complaints from any of my neighbours etc. the officer suggested he would get housing to contact me as to moving out, but he never said when we would have to move. or if we would receive help to wards the cost of moving and redecoration of a new property. we would have to pay some one as neither my husband or i are able to decorate due to our physical disabilities. i feel so sad that the home i thought i would die in has now become nothing but a huge worry.:( does anyone know what legal right we may have i have searched on the web to no avail. would we be able to receive some compensation, will we be given a good amount of time to get our thing together, will we be forced to go in to two bedroom flat . properties in our area are like gold dust as in many other councils. the not knowing where we stand or what rights we have makes it all the more harder to cope, I'm so worried that the worry of it all will cause me to have a break down with my bi polar. or cause my diabetes to become worse. I'm an insulin diabetic and stress cause my health to degenrate. i know i sound like some wingding old granny . but any help would be greatly appreciated cheers to all for reading this .:thumb:


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    If the house is no longer suitable for human habitation then they are perfectly entitled to move you if the costs of repairs make it uneconomic to repair. They should move you to a property that is suitable for your physical and mental health needs; you shouldn't be moved to a flat if you have physical disabilities that stop you climbing stairs.

    But you can be moved.
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    Hey shelly warwick,

    Thanks for posting and welcome to the boards.

    Sorry to hear about your situation. It must be a difficult position to be in, especially after having lived in your house for so long.

    I think Arctic Roll is correct, in that, if it is necessary for repairs to be carried out then the council can ask you to move out. Or if they think that it is beyond repair and not suitable then they can move you.
    I suppose this does seem unfair but it is better in the long term that you are safe and not living in a dangerous house.

    You may be able to claim compensation. You may find this page on the Shelter website for more details http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advice/repairs_and_bad_conditions/disrepair_in_rented_accommodation/compensation_for_disrepair

    If you would like help claiming compensation or more advice about your housing situation, you may like to call Community Legal Advice on 0845 345 4 345 who can offer free, confidential advice. The line is open Mon - Fri from 9am to 8:00pm and on Sat from 9am to 12:30pm. Calls cost from 4p/min. You can also request them to call you back using the link above.

    Further on their website you can search for a solicitor in your area if you feel that this would be better.

    Hope this helps and please get back to us if there is anything else you would like to talk about.

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