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Sustaining good mental health

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
Any hints an tips for sustaining good mental health?

I'm in a pretty good place at the moment and I really want to keep it this way and stop ruining my life (self-destructive). I've done ALOT of CBT over the last two years and put in a lot work of myself so first the time ever I actually feel like maybe I can sustain this.
I have all kinds of action plans and lists and what to do in a crisis lists, but what is worried about is the more day-to-day implications, with me it tends to start small and build.


What do you do daily to help keep in good mental health?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Have you ever done a WRAP (wellness and recovery action plan)?

    I found it quite helpful at times just to refer back to.

    I'm not doing well right now, but its because I'm not doing all of these things (because I'm still between homes), but I know doing this lot helps!:

    - regular exercise
    - spending time with friends
    - putting time and effort into hobbies I like
    - pampering myself
    - making sure I have time to relax
    - mindfullness and using hypnosis and meditation tapes
    - having a panic pack in my bag (little bag with little things in it to keep me calm or make me calmer/happier when I'm on to go)
    - having a happy box (a pretty box that i keep in my bedroom which I fill with things which make me smile, so I can use it to cheer me up when I'm feeling a bit low)
    - eating well, but still eating things I like
    - when I'm feeling a bit up and down i use a technique called Mood Mapping
    - keeping organised (I have to pay for mobileme so that I can keep my diary up to date and I have it wherever whenever, but there are loads of online resources for getting organised)
    - keeping up with chores and paperwork
    - keeping in touch with friends even when you don't feel up to going out - even if just by using skype or calling.
    - paying attention to your gut feeling

    I'm sure I could think of more but thats for starters...

    And I should listen to my own advice!!
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi Girl gunner :wave:,

    It's great too hear that you are in a good place at the moment !!

    Have you checked out Miss Riot's WRAP(wellness and recovery action plan), there are some really good suggestions listed there :). You say that you have done lists and action plans before, It may be worth either referring back to these or looking at the place you are at now and your coping strategies and jotting down a new list.:thumb:.

    It's great to hear that the CBT you have done over the last couple of years you have felt to be very positive and it may also be worth looking over different excercises and plans you did whilst doing this, this may also give you some indicators as to what to do to promote your good mental health on daily basis.

    I hope this has been helpful.:) Please keep posting and let us know how are getting on.:wave:

    Take Care.

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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Thanks for the support guys. That WRAP plan is really interesting, I'm gonna work on one and stick it on the wall!
    Fingers crossed!
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi Girl Gunner:wave:,

    Great news that you are going to do a WRAP plan and put it on your wall !! I hope it all goes well for you ! Please keep us posted on how you are getting on:).

    Take Care,
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Well, you just take one day at a time. Today, you try to live your best life. And, sometimes you make mistakes or slip up or whatever and you have to forgive yourself and move on. And, as you make better choices daily, it all adds up.
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    **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hey Girl_gunner,

    Just wanted to say great thread - reminds me of one that Piccolo started a little while back about people doing a little something each day to improve their mental health.

    I know for me listing a few small things each day that have made me smile or weren't expected can take the edge off a stressful one. :)

    Other than the great suggestions that have been made already, you or others might want to explore some of the things people have put on mind apples and also a website called Living Life to the full which has a slide-show and audio on ten things to make you feel happier straight away.

    Think this is a great place to share progress on this kind of thing and let people know what's really worked. :)
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I have a happy box too :D

    One thing I've just started doing is making sure I plan leisure/social/fun things a week in advance, and then plan the everyday sort of work 3 days in advance and fit that around the good things.

    I needed to improve my work/life balance after I realised that I wasn't really doing anything with my "free" time which lead me to not really feeling energised, positive enough to work well. And I just spent all my time doing near to nothing.....
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