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Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
Today was always going to be awful. I have a 'formal' meeting with a head teacher at a school for children with severe learning and physical needs tomorrow to see if they can offer me a placement for my Social Work course. Been researching today a lot but know I'll blunder it all up tomorrow.

My boyfriend's weird friend has a (continueing the theme) weird vendetta against me. His girlfriend fancied my boyfriend and she isn't a nice girl to cut a long and boring story short. I posted something stoopid I had done on facebook because I found it funny. He went onto take the 'oh you're so stupid rachael' jibe too far and was pretty much antagonising me. My boyfriend Josh felt the need to join in with a 'joke' 'yeah she's fecking retarded' line. Why do I bother

And someone knocked on the door twice today and I kinda knew it was the neighbour but I didn't feel safe answering the door so just ignored it. Although they could probably see me through the window. It was just to say they had one of our parcels. I must have missed the post man that knocked on our door today. Now I'll have to send Josh round to collect it because I'm too wimpy and they might be cross because I didn't answer the door.

I don't feel like myself at all. I know I'm whining again over what happened with that girl being threatening but I feel like it's really had an effect on me. I thought I grew up a bit out of seeing the world as a threatening place with horrible people in it when I finally left my shit secondary school but no. It's back again.

To further goad myself I facebook stalked a couple of satanic gremlins from my secondary school who after being complete evil bitches and making lifes hell are now looking happy in their profile picture, settled (married) and with child working at fucking Lush.

Why is the world like this. And now I want to die a little. What is the point. Really


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    You need to breathe and *hug*

    Tomorrow will be fine, you wont blunder it up, all they want to do is meet you. They just need to check that you're an appropriate placement to have in the school, just be enthusiastic and proffesional. You're not expected to know anything really at this point, that's the point of the placement.

    Stuff other people, don't worry about any silly people from school, so what if they have seemingly great lifes. You're on your way to having a great career, don't get caught up in childish crap that could reflect badly on you.

    Seriously relax, get an early night if you're not already and good luck tomorrow,

    dp :heart:
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