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Anyone good at poetry and fancy helping me out?

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Hi guys. This is gonna sound really soppy lol but as I'm skint this xmas I ain't been able to buy my girlfriend a lot of presents so I've came up with an idea to make a love heart and write a poem on it basically saying - I may not have a lot of money but this is the gift of love I give to you this Xmas and how much I love her :-)

ideas would be very appreciated :-)


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    To start you need inspiration. This has to come from you, your feelings about her, and how she makes you feel. What things she does that are cute, what things do you miss about her when she's not there?

    Two effective tools for getting started are:
    - a collage; you can take pictures of her, or things that remind you of her, and stick it all down on a piece of paper or just lay it out. It doesn't need to be artistic. Maybe a splash of her favourite colour. All it's for is to be a gateway for you to look at and think about her. It will help bring out more ideas.
    - a brainstorm; I used to hate these but found them really useful in my last year of uni for writing essays. Obviously start with her in the middle, then branch out, and just scribble EVERYTHING down that comes to mind. As above, how she makes you feel, the things you love about her (maybe the things you hate about her ;)), things you've done togehter, and so on.

    Once you have your inspiration and your head is full of ideas, then you want to start scribbling down lines that come into your head. These don't need to be congruent or rhyme, they just need to get on paper. Once you have plenty of stuff down on paper, you can start to fill the form of the poem out. Which bits that you wrote really stand out to you? How do you want the poem to sound?

    Obviously, go back to poetry 101 at this point and pick some kind of rhyming or rythmic scheme. Then start to stitch it all together. Feel free to post up on the creative forum for critique.

    Oh and feel free to ignore this post, I'm honestly no poet, but I hope this can give you some ideas for how to get started. Best of luck, I think it's a lovely idea you've got there :) and I hope you pull it off successfully!!
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    Instead of a poem, why not write her a letter and take some of ShyBoys ideas to make it in to a feature?

    For my ex's 25th I bought a canvas from a cheap shop (2.99 for A3 size). I printed out photo's of him growing up and put lots of facts about his birthday and his name, how I saw him etc...and he still has it hanging on his wall.

    Why don't you make a collage of photo's of you guys together or your favourite pictures of her and write a letter about how you feel about her and what she means to you.

    I wrote someone I'm sort of seeing a four page letter for her to take away on holiday over Christmas. She opened it the same day (despite my warnings to wait!) and said she loved it. In it I said that she could bin page three (it had all the gooey stuff about how spectacular she is!) and to let me know she'd read it she whispered in my ear "Page 3 was my favourite". If poetry isn't your forte, then a letter would be lovely. Plus it won't be cheesy and you won't get bogged down with whether it should rhyme or not. Maybe it could be a piece of writing titled something like "You are..." or "I love you because..." and write a paragraph for the centre of a collage?

    I love making gooey things :D
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    I think I would much prefer a collage too. And is probably easier to make! My friends made me one for my 18th, and it reminds me off all the good times we had at school and on trips etc. IMO pictures say 1000 words!
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