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xmas drug dilemma

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I am wanting to buy a lot of legal highs for xmas. I have exp with mpa various cannabiniods and phenazepam etizolam. I am wanting to try methexomine, kratom, odesmethyltramadol, ethylphenidate, aMT, benzo fury and various others. The problem is i have never had trippy drugs before and im spending xmas with my granddad and ive convinced him to let me buy legal cannabiniods but if i buy anything else he wont be spending xmas with me. The reason is because im a alcoholic and have drug issues. He looks after my finances and says he will give me enough for the legal smoke but i want to buy a lot of drugs and sneak drink as well. should i do it or just have the smoke? i dont want to spend xmas alone but want the drugs


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    Just have the smoke. Think how much you'd disappoint him when he found out. And Christmas is a horrible, horrible time to be alone.
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    you've admitted that you have a drug and alcohol problems, if you must do something over christmas stick with the smoke but you know you've got problems, the best way to over come them is by avoiding all drugs, legal or not
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    Hey jungo :wave: I think it's really brave of you to be so honest about this. You say your grandad has been supporting you by looking after your finances and having somewhere to spend Christmas is ace, it would be a real shame to have to spend it on your own as grace says and sounds like he's already comprimising for you. You've got someone pretty special there :yes:

    Have you seen our info on legal highs? Thought I'd just drop a link in as there's plenty of useful stuff: http://www.thesite.org/drinkanddrugs/legalhighs

    Do you mind me asking if you're getting any professional help for your addictions? The local advice finder is a good place to start to find drug and alcohol services in your area. If you're struggling over Christmas there might be a drop in place you can go to, or there are various helplines you can get in touch with.

    It's your call at the end of the day but it might help to look past those few days at Christmas and if you do sneak more in what the consequences of that might be, could it damage your relationship with your grandad? Will he be less likely to be there for you in the future?

    All the best and look after yourself *hug*
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