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facebook and guys!

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Long story but here goes.... was out to a gig on saturday where this guy was lurking by me and talked to me a few times i didnt think he was interested as he was really good looking...

I didnt find out he was till my friends noticed it seemed he liked me. Anyway he hadnt given me his name so i got it off one of his mates and i was unsure to add him on fb but took the plunge and sent him a message saying it was a bit random but u were talking to me on sat and was nice talking to u can i add u on here.

He sent me a friends request on fb and sent message back saying how he thanked me for seeking him out and that he remembered me and appologised for his drunken antics.

We exchanged a couple of messages.

Anyway i saw he was online yesterday and started talking to him and we talked for nearly an hour and hf wouldve been longer but he said his mom wanted the comp. He was asking me questions about me work where i live that sort of thing sounded interested in me and finished off saying it was nice chatting and speak soon.


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    Is there a question?

    If I offer any advice in this situation is to take more care than I fear you have in this instance, you may have given him more information at this early stage than perhaps is wise. However, here's hoping for a blossoming relationship.
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    Hey jacobs_gal :wave:

    Did you see the other thread you started about this now has a reply?


    Best to just keep one thread running so as not to confuse things - people might be unsure which one to reply to if there's two going at once.

    I'm going to close this one now but do keep posting in the other thread and let us know how things go :)
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