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Women Managers in Banking

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I'm writing a report on the lack/need of women managers in banking, just wondering if any of you have any views on this or happen to work in banking any opinions on this would be appreciated.


  • LauraOLauraO Posts: 535 Incredible Poster
    Hey Goo-goo-gaa-gaa :wave:

    I have moved your thread over to the politics and debate forum as I think you'll get some more responses here, and it's definitely an interesting topic to discuss :thumb:

    There is obviously a lot in the media at the moment about the banks and not too long ago there was a call for women to make up one-third of bank directors.

    I also stumbled across this article in the Guardian which is pretty old now (2008) but it addresses the fact that almost half the women in senior positions at banks at the time didn't have children and that banks, in one woman's opinion, are "...created by men, for men".

    Be really interesting to see what everyone thinks, and good luck with the report!
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    I'm a female and I think, like with everything else in life related to things such as employment/education/training/membership/etc, best person for the job regardless of sex/colour/religion/creed/other irrelevant stuff. Discrimination should be illegal at any rate, whether it favours men or favours women imo, and so should nepotism which goes on in those type of industries.

    I know it's not a helpful answer, but those are my views. My older bro works in banking and quite a few of his bosses are female, probably more females than males, but that's really all I know about Banking.
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    Thanks for moving this! -

    In management communications we've learned about the feminine and masculine manager types - and how perhaps just adopting both styles whether or not your male or female might make a difference? - I personally agree with 'Threxy' and feel like the actual gender shouldn't make a difference.

    But another point to ask is- do females want to be in senior management or do they prefer a lower role? - if I had a family and relationships to worry about I'm sure I probably wouldn't want a 24-7 career to worry about!
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    I think it depends on the family arrangements... Many women are still expected to work for a company, then come home and do unpaid work looking after the kids and cleaning. That isn't to say things haven't improved, or that you don't get male partners doing these roles... I've heard that senior roles in banking can mean some mega shifts working, so this may not suit a lot of women?

    I've also known people who work in banking and I've heard it's quite a macho, male dominated field.. But then I haven't worked there myself and don't ever plan to, so can't say from experience.
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