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Visual impairment and colour

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(wasn't sure if this should be in H&W or here?)

I've been thinking about this for a while (both for the research into the book i'm hoping to write and for my course), does anyone have any experience of talking to people with visual impairment about colour? Do you describe the colour in terms of warm/cool, in shades and tones, or does it totally depend on the person's level of impairment?

I suppose someone who has been totally blind from birth, hasn't got very much concept of colour, where as someone who has some level of vision or did previously may have a much better understanding of it, and thus you'd need to communicate the idea of colour to them in different ways.

any ideas?


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    I have a friend who is totally blind but could see until teenage years. They know colour, having had "normal" vision before going blind so have normal conversations with them about colours of things i.e. describing where we are walking etc.

    I also know someone else who has some degree of colourblindness. They had to learn what "colours" things are normally, so learnt the sky is blue, grass is green etc but they can usually tell what you are talking about by experience. I.e if you say you want the blue cup, they will bring the one that they know is not red, black, brown etc by deduction that the other is blue. Same with traffic lights, if you know the top is stop, bottom is go etc. Interesting though as they call some colour shades "darker" when I would consider them "brighter".

    It is definitely an interesting topic.
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