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Epilispy and blind....

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Ive been in a relationship three months now with a 25 year old. He lives with his mum, dad and sister. He was born really early and was very ill as a baby he was also born blind. He had his first fit when he was 19 and there pretty bad so hes on medication twice a day and hes got medication just incase he has a fit to calm him down but he hasnt had a fit for 19 months and hes doing really well.

His mum and dad are so over proctective of him its unreal, But in a way i understand because of him being born early being blind and the fits.

I stay at his house every two weeks and he stays at mine...

I love the guy to bits he means everything to me but the epilispy really scares me i really scared if he has one in front of me i'm actully scared being around him.

I dont think its fair on him or me, me bering scared .

I dont know what to do atall... If i let him go it'll break my heart and his. But we cant carry on like this.

I dont know what to do for the best:(

Any advice big or small would be helpfull???



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    How about getting some advice on how to cope with someone having an epileptic fit from an organisation such as Epilespy Action. Once you know what to do, you might feel a lot more comfortable.

    Fits are much scaryier for the person fitting than those around them, I know that from personal experience.

    I might also help to talk to him about it. Its very common to feel like that about fits, but the more you know about them, the less you are likely to be scared.
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    As Miss Riot suggests, the best way to help you deal with the worry of him having a seizure in your company is to make sure you're confident on what to do - Epilpesy Action is a great source of information and they have this article on first aid for seizures with a video too on what to do: http://www.epilepsy.org.uk/info/seizures/first-aid

    In terms of his parents, it might help to have an open conversation with them about your fears and let them know that you're hoping to equip yourself better to deal with a seizure should it happen. This may reassure them to worry a little less when he's staying with you for example. You've been together 3 months so there may also be an element of letting the trust grow with his family which should come in time :)

    It's really positive that you're reaching out for some advice. Talking openly about your fears and how you can face them together should help and prevent you from feeling so on edge when you're around him. It's totally natural to feel that way, especially when you really love someone and you're worried. It's great news that he's been clear of fits for 19 months, it sounds as though the medication is working well for him :thumb:
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    thank you to the both of you... That really helps i'm gonna have a more detailed chat about things tonight.

    Also thaknks for the websites i'll have a good look at them.

    Once again thank you :D:D:D
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