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"Foot jobs", etc. safer than HJ's?

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I read a discussion on an internet message board about the (theoretical?) risk of contracting HPV/HSV, should one receive "hand relief" at the end of a sensual massage.

Another contributor suggested he ask the masseuse to use her feet instead of her hand.

Although I appreciate that the remark may have been somewhat "tongueTongue in cheek"; "Googling" the relevant terminology would suggest the use of feet/breasts to provide physical stimulation is not that unusual. I was interested in the logic behind or against this concept as a safer sexual activity.

The prevalence of other types of warts, eg. verrucas, and fungal infections, on feet generally, and the lesser vigilance, regarding STD's, where feet are concerned, leads me to question whether a "foot job" would really be safer, or more risky than a "hand job", (assuming the feet belonged to someone who also engaged in it with others).

I understand some enjoy the use of stockinged feet in this activity. I'd imagine this would reduce skin contact/friction sufficiently to avoid transmission of the viruses concerned?

Is HPV/HSV transmission possible from breasts to genitals?

Many thanks if anyone has the answers,


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    As far as I was aware HPV could only be passed via contact with mucous membrane (i could be wrong though so please check this out). With herpes, its unlikely you would get the virus from someone who didn't have an open sore. People generally tend to wash their hands more than their feet. I would have thought that a hand job would be safer than a foot job for that reason.

    HPV & herpes are both unfortunatly infections which there isn't a 99% prevention method for. Like you said you can get it from any skin contact - including the massage itself. But unless she's touching mucous membranes I would have thought that transmission of HPV was very unlikely.

    A stocking isn't going to provide any kind of protection what so ever, there are small holes in stockings which it could still pass through. If you're really really concerned about it, ask them to use medical gloves.

    With transmission from breasts to genitals, its unlikely with both viruses, unless there are open sores in that area.

    But, after saying all of that, both these viruses are unfortunatly part and parcel of life. Yes they can have horrible concequences, but so can flu. They can be picked up from non-sexual activities, even everyday things, like sharing a glass, a handshake etc. But people do also live with these viruses and end up living their lives pretty unaffected. I'm not suggesting by any means that you go out and have unprotected sex, but like the common cold, there isn't always a way to get around putting yourself at risk of catching these viruses, even if you were celibate.

    (someone please correct me if I'm horribly wrong, I'm just going off what I've read about the viruses and my knowledge of safe sex)
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    Wear a condom if you're that bothered about it.
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    Hi Steady Eddie,

    Welcome to the boards :wave:

    I am not sure about this internet message board you read about "foot jobs" safer than "hand jobs" however i am adding a couple of articles here on HPV and HSV so we can all be more the wiser!

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