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Does he like me?

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Long story short. I visited Korea for only 4 days 3 nights. It was a group tour. There was this photographer who was supposed to take pictures for us and assist the head guide. From the very first moment I met him, I thought he was cute. We got closer and closer each day. When the tour spent time at the theme park, we got to go on rides together and had so much fun. On our last night, I made a move by asking him out for a bowling game. He said okay and after we finished checking in at the hotel, we went down to the lobby. The thing is I know very little Korean and he doesn't speak English well. We communicated with broken Korean and English.

Anyway, when we got to the lobby, the people in the group were there and they invited us for drinks. So we drank with them at a restaurant. After an hour, I was pretty drunk and still wanted to go bowling. Nobody wanted to go so we went...just two of us.

At the bowling place, I was pretty drunk, so he took off my shoes and put on the bowling shoes for me. I was so surprised he did that, but was really impressed...Then we played bowling. Honestly, I didn't care about the bowling. I just wanted to be alone with him :) After the game, I was taking my money out to pay and he just put his hand on my hand before shaking his head and paid for the game himself. He was such a gentleman. I think I fell for him that night...

After the game, I couldn't hold it any longer so I kissed him...with tongue. And he kissed back! The whole night, we spent kissing. I have never loved kissing this much in my life!!!! It was such a magical night, but now I'm not sure if it's just a fling to him or he was just drunk (I was very drunk myself).

The next day I had to return to my home country. All I wanted was a kiss from him, but he didn't even give me a good-bye kiss. I understand he was working the whole time, but there were moments when we were sort of alone, and I gave him a strong signal that I wanted a kiss/hug, yet he still didn't do anything. :(

However, after I left, we still talk 'til these days through facebook messages and msn messenger. He even called me yesterday from Korea. He told me that on the last day, he wanted to kiss me, but there were so many people around us and that he wanted to "learn English for me." But I heard before that Korean people like to practice English so I'm not sure if he's using me to practice English or what. Just really wondering if he is into me. How do I know if he's into me?


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    **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hello, :wave:

    This is a lovely romantic story and bound to be an experience that you'll treasure forever. :heart:

    Where it goes now though is a tricky one - partly because of the distance, partly because of the language barrier - but mainly though because you barely know this person and it sounds like you're already starting to question his motivations...which is probably linked to how little you know about him.

    In terms of where you are right now though - your feelings for him are probably still really strong and perhaps you're still on a high from the adrenalin that kind of experience leaves us with.

    So, when you're feeling a little calmer, it might help to consider how you realistically feel about him - Do you have any plans to go back to Korea and for what kind of trip? A holiday or maybe you're planning to go and study/work there for a while? Or are you hoping to just stay in touch with him online/letter etc. If the latter is the case, it might make more sense to try and see this guy more as a potential friend who you may be reunited with in the future. If it's the former, then you may be more interested in romantic possibilities, in which case being open and honest about your intentions/feelings for him will probably help so that you can find out where you stand.

    Overall though, try not to let this consume all your thoughts - focus on yourself, what you enjoy doing and other friends you enjoy spending time with - by giving yourself some space from the situation to get on with things, you're bound to get some better perspective.

    Hope this helps and let us know what you decide. :)
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