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How can i stop triggering flashbacks?

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I've just read a news story about a historic child abuse case, which detailed briefly (not horrificly mind you) some of the injuries suffered by the child, and its just triggered all my own flashbacks.

This happens so often, when i'm watching TV, be it the news, a drama, a soap, reading the paper, even sometimes seeing kids get shouted at the the street. It used to make me so angry and I would lash out at myself but now it just makes me freeze and and disossociate.

I try to pull myself away from what ever it is as soon as possible, but sometimes its like I get latched in and I have to see it through - and I end up in a total state at the end of it.

Does anyone know of how to avoid doing this? I've now put myself out for the morning, i'm in the house alone atm, and I've got to a meeting about benefits this morning. I can't keep living my life either avoiding everything that might trigger me, or consistantly being triggered and dissassociating and being zombie like.


  • LauraOLauraO Posts: 535 Incredible Poster
    :wave: Miss_Riot,

    As you said it can be hard to avoid everything that may be triggering, especially watching soaps, reading the newspaper etc. and it's also hard to make yourself walk away from it. As you said yourself you can't avoid everything so it's better to think of ways to deal with the feelings when something does trigger them.

    Have you thought about speaking to someone when something triggers your memories, so that you don't get into a 'state'? Do you think chatting to someone would help to make you feel better?

    There is a helpline, the NAPAC which you may have heard of before? They have a freephone support line - 0800 085 3330 which could be good as you can talk to someone confidentially, and it's someone you don't know.

    Is there anything else you have found in the past that you can do to calm yourself down or distract yourself?

  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I have been calling NAPAC, its not always easy to get through to them.

    I've never been told of any techniques for my flashbacks, if i'm around friends, i normally get them to hug me really hard - the tactile pressure helps me come back to my body, but I've not tried anything else...
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