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Going to tell him..

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For the past five years I have had a huge crush on what is supposed to be my best friend, hence why I never told him how much I like him because it would most likely ruin our friendship. Well, let me just say I grew a bit more confidence in the past few months and have realized I just need to tell him or I will eventually lose my mind!

Now I want to make the event, when I will tell him a bit special, I know sounds a bit silly. But, seeing how our friends like to go to bed and breakfasts every two months I thought it would be a unique idea to plan a day where we could go to a Toronto bed and breakfast and plan it so 'all our friends are busy' type of thing. I am just not too sure if this could make things a bit awkward in the end because we would be sharing a bed and having breakfast with each other...

I mean he is a really nice guy, far from the rest so it is not like he will be a complete jerk in front of me..I just do not want to make it awkward for him what so ever. Plus he is my best friend and I tell him everything..

Well, I am going to call the bed and breakfast to schedule a room for next Saturday, but before I do I would really like to see if anyone thinks this is a really bad idea and if I should do things differently?

If you have any better ideas or something to make it less awkward, I am definitely up for other options also :)


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    Well, I have never heard of a friends outing to a B&B... I don't think it is really done in the UK, so not sure how much advice you will get! Is it something you often do with friends? Is it common for only two people to go or will "alarm bells" start ringing in his head?

    Could you do something like a film evening at either yours or his house? That way, if he doesn't like the idea, you can escape if need be? In a B&B you can't really have your own space (in case he reacts badly). If that makes sense.

    I think telling him is a good idea though, especially if you share everything with each other anyway. Just make sure he knows there is no pressure on his part. And you are perfectly happy just being friends like before (if you are happy of course!)
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    Thank you for your reply back, I appreciate it :)

    Yeah we usually always go to a B&B with friends and so if I plan for everyone to go..wink wink and then the day comes and everyone bails, it won't seem as obvious I think lol.

    Hmm a movie night would be a better idea and I could 'plan' the same thing where people were supposed to show up, that is great thank you for that!!!

    Yeah I do agree, thank you again!
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