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Speech for school, wanting your opinion. Please (Sorry did not know where to post it)

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What is Homophobia?

Homophobia is and will always be a social illness, you have heard of arachnophobia; fear of spiders, Photophobia; fear of having your photo taken. Well Homophobia is no different. I am not going to stand here and tell you that you don’t have a right to be Homophobic, because whether everyone agrees with me or not, you do have the Right to be Homophobic. But what you don’t have, is the RIGHT to broadcast that, you don’t have the right to bully kids because of it and you don’t have the right to make people feel so bad about it that they want to end there lives, because whether you want to believe it or not, Being Gay is NOT a choice. You think that someone would choose this upon themselves, you think that someone would want to be picked on, bullied, hated, out-casted by there friends, family and people in general.

When someone says

“Homosexuality is not right" You have the power, NO you have the RIGHT to stand up and call them WRONG, you have the RIGHT to tell them that what they think is okay, but to broadcast that is NOT okay.

My former best friend Jake, was scared to come out; NO terrified. He was afraid that people would treat him different because of what he does in the bedroom or what he feels inside. In all honesty it really is NONE of yours or anyone else’s business what he feels or thinks about. But some people make it their problem some people sit at home and they just can’t except the fact that people ARE gay. The6y sit there and say: “people are FRIGGEN GAY”. people just can’t except that, they can’t except the fact that people have the RIGHT to be different and picking on people who are gay is just as bad as racism because 496 young people, OUR AGE kill themselves a year because people like THAT can’t except it.

I remember when Jake RAN to my house after being outside somewhere. I opened the door to my best friend standing on my door step bleeding, crying and broken on the inside and out. I grabbed him and pulled him inside and I asked him what happened and he looked right at me and said “I was chased home and beaten. Why do they do this to me, just because I am a homosexual….I AM HUMAN TOO”

And he is right, absolutely right! What makes him different then you and me, WHAT…If I was to say that I am homosexual or anyone in this Gym (if that is were I am at the time) was to say that, does it change them, are they not the same exact person they were 10 minutes ago? Yes they are, just because they like someone other then you, that does NOT make them different and the sooner people learn that the sooner we can END this, END this… This HELL that we are forcing people to live in just because who they are!

If you are LGBT and you are listening to this, remember there will always, ALWAYS be people out there wanting to help you and wanting to make your life easier and better then it already is. Because there are MILLIONS of people out there that are like you, and THOUSANDS of people going through the same thing that you are! Remember things DO get better, I know that sounds cliché but it truly does. Suicide is never an option, and if you are thinking of it, remember… Suicide is a LONG term solution for a short term problem and I promise you that things are changing and one day, hopefully soon we won’t bat an eye when someone says that they are Lesbian, Gay or bisexual.

One of the horror stories of people who are LGBT happened to someone close to me. Jake. When Jake was young he came out to me and I will admit that I was not okay with it at first, because I was unsure of what it really meant. But I came around and soon him and I were best friends again.

-Jake decided to tell people that he was gay when he was 11 and after that it was just problems,

- at 12 he was beaten every day after school by bullies who did not understand him.

-At 13 he was stabbed in the shoulder down in Toronto while walking down young st holding hands with his BF, the person yelled “DIE DEMONS” then came at Jake. The person was later found and brought to justice

-3 days after he turned 14, I went over to his house when his mom was not home to say happy birthday, when I got there the front door was locked. So I went around back and knocked on the door to the kitchen. When I peered through the door I saw Jake standing on the table with a rope around his neck. I got scared and found the key he hid under a rock near the door, opened the locked kitchen door, grabbed a knife and cut the rope before he jumped off the table. It took me 2 hours to talk him off the table then I spent another hour sitting with him while he cried on the couch saying “I am HUMAN too” over and over.

-4 months after his birthday his Mom came into his room, when I was over and threw plane tickets at him, and said “I don’t want you in this house, you are no longer my kid, you are moving with your dad to BC… your aunt will be here in an hour to pick you up so pack” . Just because he was gay.

-2 weeks after he moved in with his Dad, his Dad kicked him out for the same reason.

-1 week after moving in with his Grandma, Jake finally succeeded in Killing himself.

-Jake was laid to rest on July 12th. RIP.

Jake was my best friend, I cared for and helped him as much. I tried to tell him over, and over that he meant something but he did not listen.

It doesn’t have to be this way, we have the ability to change this, it’s in our hands! We have the power!

Homophobia: An extreme and IRRATIONAL fear of homosexuality and homosexual people

(So what do you think?)


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    Ok. You can tell you're pretty angry here. Whats the purpose of this speech?

    I think this is obviously something you need to write out, because theres a lot of trauma there, but I don't think you are really getting your message across in the best way possible.

    I think you need to think very carefully exactly what you want to convey in your speech. Summarise it into 1 or 2 sentences, and start from there.

    You sound so angry and upset here. Are you getting help for all of the things you've witnessed here? did you contact the links I gave you before? Here are some more canadian LGBT charities and groups: http://www.charityvillage.com/cv/nonpr/nonpr27.html

    I hope that helps a little. Keep writing it out if you feel its helping, but it this is a speech for school, plan it very carefully and think of the audience.
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    I'm not by any means saying hide the person that you are, but is making a speech like that actually going to make the horrible nasty people change their behaviour?
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    I think what I am trying to get across is very clear but thank you for your input. I need to make people know that what they think about LGB is wrong and homphobia is wrong basically. Not to sound rude. I am not angry that my friend Jake is dead, I am mad at the fact on why he dies and that is the reason i wrote this speech because I want people to know that we have the abbitly to change the way that people think. But thank you for replying, and yes I looked at the links you have given me Miss_Riot :D

    And G raff that best I can do is hope it will.
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    Have a look at the resources on this site. link

    If your speech sounds like you are attacking people for their views, then they will stop listening. If you try to make a connection with them and give them an alternative, and convince them that that alternative is better, you will have a far more successful speech.
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    Miss Riot is right.

    Also, when are you planning to give this? You have to be aware that teachers might like to be given a heads up so they can follow it up if they need to.
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