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Maybe the right forum...

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I posted this here as it may all be down to my mental health and not at all as i'm seeing things.

I have problems seeing where i need to go in life and how to get to where i want to be.

First off. People constantly tell me i have the mental ability to do absolutely anything and i've been told everything from doctor to lawyer and all them other cliche's. But how do i get there? I HATE education. My school years were the worst of my life and i never wanted to repeat them. i came away with C accross the board in gcse with no effort. Now i'm 26 and i can't get free education. So how do i approach companies that need a scientist with no relivant qualifications and no experience and say "Hi there. Although i cant prove it until i'm working for you, I do actually know how to do what you are asking". Even working from the bottom requires qualifications. Somebody try to work out where you even apply for these types of jobs. They certainly don't advertise them in the job centre so i'm guessing they approach uni leavers rather than a typical application process?

Next, I was sectioned! This means that ANY company that requires a CRB check (even working in tesco) will automatically know i am a nut job and not look into why/where/how/what/when etc.

Basically, I'm too unstable to work but too stable to claim sick. Fix the system!

More likely to follow x


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    It sounds like you're making excuses for your life rather than anything else. There's only one person who can take control of your life and that's you.

    There's nothing stopping you taking evening courses or weekend courses if you want. Adult education is very different to school. Without qualifications you won't get where you want to be, you need the qualifications, and there's only one way to get them. And that's through hard work. Look into an access course or similar at your local college, there's plenty of choice and plenty of options. It comes down to whether you want to, or whether you're happy to use your school-life as an excuse to sit on your bum and do nothing.

    As for the CRB, it's not that much of an issue unless you make it one. It can affect certain jobs if you're still unwell but generally it shouldn't. However that's no excuse to not apply.
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    Not all jobs even require a CRB and unless they request an enhanced you can't be sure your mental health will be disclosed.

    There is available funding for adult education in certain areas.
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    If you want to work in some areas you will require qualifications. If you're capable, then the only thing stopping you from getting those is your motivation.

    If you want to work in science areas, without qualifications then your other option is to work your way up. Get a job as a test tube washer, and progress to lab tech etc.
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    You say you hate education but adult education is not always like school. You might find a certain way of learning suits you better, eg. exam based vs. coursework based or academic vs. vocational.
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